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U.S. Might Ban Laptops on All Flights Into and Out of the Country

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FILE PHOTO - A TSA worker loads suitcases at the checked luggage security screening station at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California, U.S. on September 7, 2011.

'FOX NEWS SUNDAY' DHS chief considers laptop ban for all flights into US

FOX News

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday he's considering a ban on passengers carrying laptop computers on all international flights in and out of the United States. "I might," Kelly said on "Fox News Sunday." That's really the thing that they are obsessed with, the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly if it's a U.S. carrier, particularly if it's full of mostly U.S. folks." Since taking over the agency in January, Kelly has already limited laptops in airplane cabins. He instituted a ban in March on flights from 10 cities, mostly in the Middle East.

Pruitt Security Chief Cites Weapons Glitch for Missed Flight

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While it is true that Pruitt's departure from Washington was delayed by snow, a review of flight records by the AP shows he could have made a connecting flight and a reserved back-up flight to Morocco if not for the complications over his security team's weapons and gear.


International Business Times

The U.S. lifted its laptop travel ban on flights from Abu Dhabi Sunday, the Associated Press reports. Department of Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan told the Associated Press that Abu Dhabi International Airport updated its security processes to improve its scanning abilities. The current U.S. ban on carry-on laptops and large electronics was announced in March and currently affects nine airports primarily in the Middle East. Last week, the Department of Homeland Security announced that U.S.-bound flights would begin to be subject to more thorough screening and security policies.

Ban laptops on flights from Europe - could we survive?

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In this excerpt from the #TalkingTech Live podcast, host Jefferson Graham and panelists Tov Arnerson and Dawn Chmielewski weigh over the possible laptop and tablet ban on flights from Europe--will we survive?