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What is the Future of Search? Smart Insights


As we move into another new year there are once again a new set of predictions, hopes and concerns as to the direction of digital marketing over the next twelve months and beyond. There are so many exciting developments set to take place and I'm really looking forward to seeing how these take hold in 2018. One of the interesting areas I've observed across many trends is the recurrence of two themes: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These two closely related subjects seem to be taking hold across a number of areas, including marketing automation, digital creative, personalization and marketing technology. However, it's the influence of AI and machine learning on the future of search that I'd like to explore in some detail in this article and the potential implications on business and marketing.

The state of natural language & conversational search in 2018


As human beings, we use our voices for conversation. When we interact with voice interfaces, therefore, our natural instinct is to apply the same rules that we would to a human conversation. We expect to be understood, but more than this, we expect the entity we're conversing with to remember the history of our conversation and understand the context of any following remarks. For some time, major search companies like Google and Bing have worked to teach their search engines to understand queries in natural language. Natural language search queries are queries that sound natural spoken aloud, such as, "How high is the Empire State building?"

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019 (Infographic) Digital Marketing Philippines


Another year has gone by, and the world of digital marketing has changed and grown as quickly and diverse as ever. From the rise of interactive chatbots in social messaging platforms and the rapid advancements being made in visual search, to the increasing usage of AI and blockchain technologies and influencers by most marketers across the business spectrum – a lot of new and evolving technologies have been utilized which made the 2018 a very competitive year among all digital marketers. As technologies get more sophisticated and the modern customer gets more tech-savvy, we can expect that the digital marketing realm will continue to remain competitive this year. To help you stay one step ahead of the game, here's a glimpse at some of the trends that will shape the digital marketing landscape in 2019. As voice recognition technology gets more advanced, we can expect that more and more people will utilize the voice search feature on their smartphones in 2019.

A Visual Search Engine for the Entire Planet

The Atlantic - Technology

At this moment in history, there are more satellites photographing Earth from orbit than just about anyone knows what to do with. Planet, Inc., has more than 150 orbiting cameras, each the size of a shoebox. And more startups are planning to launch their own. What should we do with all that imagery? How can we search it and process it?

Samsung Unboxes Visual Search & Machine Learning with Bixby


Samsung unveiled their new ultra sleek S8 & S8 smartphone earlier this week in New York, featuring tons of innovation that will soon be the critical building blocks for the coming wave of Mixed Reality. Many of the capabilities featured in the new Galaxy S8 & S8 will start to show up in Augmented Reality optics. When worn these glasses will turn our physical world into an endless source of digital information through the implementation of eye tracking, facial recognition, AI & AR. Having the Galaxy S8 & S8 tuned up with so many of these advanced features, marks the beginning of one of the largest and most exciting digital transformations of all time which will bridge our digital and physical worlds together seamlessly. The Galaxy S8 and S8 is by far one of the most advanced smartphones the world has ever seen.