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Red squirrel and woodpecker argue over NUTS in a tree

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A squirrel was captured holding its ground against a nut-stealing woodpecker. Photos of the battle surfaced online showing a red squirrel perched on a tree stump with its paw in the air, as the screaming great spotted woodpecker squares off on the other side. Karen Crawford was walking in a forest near Johnsfield in Scotland where she routinely stops to place the nuts in a tree for the squirrels. Crawford watch the argument unfold and although the fury contender fought back, it eventually gave up once realizing its feathered opponent had the upper hand. 'The squirrels are normally waiting for you to put nuts out for them, but the woodpecker arrived first and had to protect its territory, Crawford explained to news agency South West News Service.

Invasive grey squirrels carry a parasite that makes their native red cousins sluggish

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Invasive grey squirrels carry a parasite that makes their native red cousins sluggish and threatens to further reduce their numbers, a study has found. Scientists say that the parasite -- carried only by the greys -- causes red squirrels to forage for food less efficiently and makes competition from the greys harder to face. The problem is so severe that it could wipe out red squirrels entirely where they share woodlands with the intruders. Red squirrels normally carry only one type of parasitic worm, or'helminth', in their stomach and intestines -- those of the species Trypanoxyuris sciuri. This means that they are therefore sensitive to foreign parasites transmitted by other animals -- including those of the alien grey squirrel.

Nature: Red squirrels are being put at risk by conifers planted across the UK to PROTECT them

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Red squirrels in the UK are being put at risk by non-native conifer trees that have been planted with the aim of protecting the threatened species. This is the warning of a team of Queen's University Belfast-led researchers, who studied squirrel populations at 700 different sites across Northern Ireland. In the UK, red squirrel populations are often confined to coniferous woodlands -- as their invasive rival, the grey squirrel, struggles to gain a foothold in such habitats. This is because the greys prefer trees like oaks that provide larger, more calorific seeds to eat, whereas red squirrels are fine feeding on the smaller seeds of conifers. The problem with providing red squirrels more coniferous habitats to call home, the team found, is that such fails to take into account the resurgence of the pine marten.

Forget pink panther, it's the pink flying squirrel!

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Researchers have discovered that North America's flying squirrels glow pink under ultraviolet light. Jon Martin, a professor from Northland College in Wisconsin, US, was stunned after he spotted a flying squirrel while probing for lichen, before shining a light at it and seeing a flash of pink. He decided to use museum specimens of 135 other squirrels to see if they had the same glow. Researchers have discovered that North America's flying squirrels glow pink under ultraviolet light (pictured, bottom) His results were recently published online in the Journal of Mammalogy and revealed that only members of the Glaucomysgenus, New World flying squirrels, glimmered pink. Professor Martin told Newsweek: 'One evening, I hear the unmistakable chirp of a flying squirrel at our bird feeder.

Red squirrel launches itself at grey squirrel in viral photo

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A photographer has captured a remarkable image of a red squirrel just before it attacks a grey squirrel for getting too close, British news agency South West News Service reports. John O'Brien took the photo of the two small mammals, the red squirrel with its claws stretched out and the grey squirrel seemingly unaware it's about to be attacked. John O'Brien, 57, from Arklow, Ireland, has captured the extraordinary moment a red squirrel decided to confront grey squirrel entered its territory.