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Top programming languages to learn in 2019? Developers name their favorites


Developers are most keen over the coming year to learn open-source Python, Microsoft-backed TypeScript, Google-hatched Go, and the go-to language for creating Android apps, Kotlin. The findings come from a survey by developer marketplace HackerRank, which asked 71,000 developers around the world about what languages they know today and what they want to learn this year. The results are released in its 2019 Developer Skills Report. Go, created in 2007 at Google, is the top language that developers say they want to learn in 2019, followed by Kotlin, Python, and TypeScript. Other languages that are high on developers' agenda for the next year include R, Swift, and Scala.

Top programming languages: Apple's Swift surges in popularity while Python falls back


Apple's Swift for developers building iOS apps is now the 10th most popular programming language, while Python has dropped out of the TIOBE index's top-three rankings. Only in September Python entered TIOBE's top three behind Java and C, but the company's October index places Python in fourth spot, behind C . Python nonetheless has grown in popularity compared with this time last year when it was ranked fifth. TIOBE relies on several search sources, including Google, Bing, and Wikipedia to determine which languages are most popular. The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index also shows growing interest in Python, ranking it as the most popular language in its October ranking.

Programming languages: PowerShell nets more Linux, macOS, Windows developers


Microsoft's recent move to open-source its once Windows-exclusive PowerShell appears to paying off, with the language now popping up in the top 50 of the Tiobe index of the world's most popular programming languages. PowerShell's 2016 Linux and macOS debut followed current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's assertion that "Microsoft loves Linux" and former CEO Steve Ballmer concession that Linux actually wasn't a cancer. Since then, Microsoft brought SQL Server to Linux, open-sourced .NET, brought Bash to Windows. And last year Microsoft made PowerShell an Ubuntu'snap' or a containerized software package. The open-source push appears to be helping PowerShell become more popular among developers, showing up for the first time in 45th place in Tiobe's most popular programming languages.

Possible Python rival? Programming language Julia is winning over developers ZDNet


Video: What programming languages do you need to know to earn more? Python is now one of the most popular programming languages among developers and could soon overtake C . But a much younger language, Julia -- a possible alternative to Python -- is catching on quickly, according to developer-focused analyst RedMonk. While developers have been using Python for nearly 30 years and is being spurred on by machine learning and data scientists, Julia has only been available since 2012 but is now showing up in numerous language popularity rankings. Last week, analysts from the TIOBE programming language index noted that Julia for the first time made its top 50 list.

The 5 Most Popular Programming Languages of 2019


If you're a software developer, then you probably--every now and then--feel overwhelmed by the super-fast pace at which our industry evolves, and that's fine. I certainly feel that way sometimes, especially when trying to keep up with the latest trends. But it's possible to be well-informed about what's going on out there, and use that information to your advantage, by being economical about your learning. Sure, there are lots of programming languages. Sure, new ones keep being created every week--and don't even get me started on JavaScript frameworks.