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Silicon Valley Series: Evolution of Cloud, Analytics, AI and Human Integration


In this Silicon Valley Series I was honored to interview a number of very smart and experienced Silicon Valley dignitaries on a variety of important business trends, technologies and strategies. I hope you find this series of short interviews useful. In this episode, I interview Silicon Valley veteran and three time CEO Tom Thimot on how artificial intelligence and automation are evolving from hybrid models to more trusted automation models. Read more from Kevin Benedict at the Center for Digital Intelligence: 12 Step Plan for Digital Transformation Speeds Artificial Intelligence, Combined Actions and Digital Strategies Competition, Artificial Intelligence and Balloons 7 Imperatives for Thriving During Digital Transformation What Artificial Intelligence Can Teach Us Speed as a Competitive Advantage in Digital Transformation Culture as a Competitive Advantage in Digital Transformation Digital Technologies and the Compression of both Time and Distance Patterns, Platforms and Automation Making the Hard Decisions in Digital Transformation Center for Digital Intelligence Interviews: Hitachi's Rob Tiffany on Industrial IoT Digital Transformation and the New Rules for Start-Ups Digital Transformation and Leadership Development Digital Transformation and Competitive Decision-Making Combinatorial Nature of Digital Technologies and Legos Digital Transformation from 40,000 feet Winning in Chaos - Digital Leaders 13 Recommended Actions for Digital Transformation in Retail Mistakes in Retail Digital Transformation Winning Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Transformation - Mindset Differences Analyzing Retail Through Digital Lenses Digital Thinking and Beyond! Measuring the Pace of Change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution How Digital Thinking Separates Retail Leaders from Laggards To Bot, or Not to Bot Oils, Bots, AI and Clogged Arteries Artificial Intelligence Out of Doors in the Kingdom of Robots How Digital Leaders are Different The Three Tsunamis of Digital Transformation - Be Prepared!

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Leeds Digital Festival Virtual Festival 2020 - YouTube


Leeds Digital Festival 2020 How to be loved by Google - LIVE SEO Audits! Leeds Digital Festival 2020 Be strategic with your marketing, putting a simple plan together - Leeds Digital Festival 2020 Marketing in a crisis: How brands learn, survive, and grow @ The Leeds Digital Festival April 2020. Maintaining business culture in a remote world webinar Delivering public and voluntary sector projects in a remote world webinar Advanced Google Analytics for SEO & Beyond Patric Curran Tech Nation Talks: Yorkshire Setting SEO targets in 2020: how to beat Google's ad engine Duncan Colman Using Natural Language Processing to support E.A.T Steve Bailey The Adventures of a PM and BA in Agile Land by Katherine Zambaldi (AND Digital) Building Practical Blazor Apps in C# by Peter'Shawty' Shaw Diversity & Inclusion by Ben Collingwood Twitter and Hootsuite Workshop with Amanda Dixon I DKE Webinars by Digital Enterprise LinkedIn Profiles: What You Really Need To Be Saying with Judy Parsons I DKE ...

3 Underrated Data Jobs with High Prospects


What is a Digital Analyst? It is a job role where the individual is responsible for analyzing the company's digital assets, such as an application or website. The person with this role is often tasked to create a report, develop a dashboard, analyse data, and decide based on the digital analysis. A digital Analyst needs to work with Business Intelligence tools to acquire the data and analyze it to gain a competitive advantage over the brand competition. Also, Digital Analysts need to understand what happened in the market and know how to improve the company SEO.

How Digital Transformation has Evolved in the Financial Industry Tehfunnel


Digital transformation in the financial services industry was merely a concept that has now become a part of a successful business strategy. The impact of digital technology, digital transformation, and automation has led people to opportunities for cost-effective operations, fast actions, meeting work deadlines, improved customer and employee experience and standing out among your rivals. Digital technology assists in compliance management, financial management, and accounting whilst minimizing human errors, manual errors, and risk involved in the financial industry by introducing robust digital strategies. Digital transformation, also known as DT, has made a significant impact on the financial services and industry. Consequently, digital technology has now become a strategy for business growth.