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Genomes, Browsers and Databases: Data-Mining Tools for Integrated Genomic Databases: Peter Schattner: 9780521711326: Books


'The book would suit a bioinformatician wishing to gain an introduction into genome database querying and interaction.' Microbiology Today '... provides a step-by-step account of how most commonly-used databases are compiled and updated, their applications and practical examples of how to use them. It is suitable for graduates and advanced undergraduates in bioinformatics or biology, or any researcher intent on exploiting the capabilities of databases as research tools more fully.

A Brief History of Databases


The pace of change in the field of database technology seems to be constantly accelerating. No doubt in five year's time [1], Big Data and the Hadoop suite [2] will seem to be as old-fashioned as earlier technologies can appear to some people nowadays. Today there is a great variety of database technologies that are in use in different organisations for different purposes. There are also a lot of vendors, some of whom have more than one type of database product. I think that it is worthwhile considering both the genesis of databases and some of the major developments that have occurred between then and now.

Making sense of big data through graph technology and machine learning


Today, social networking tools and graph technology can accurately map and extract valuable insights from the relationships between various entities in a network. Networks can also be analysed by machine learning, a technique in which a computer can adapt its own algorithms. Modern manufacturing equipment has been advancing rapidly; plants are filled with sensors to monitor equipment performance. The number of sensors that allow devices to connect to the internet is growing and so too is the volume and complexity of data available to plant managers. The collection, storage and analysis of this data is vital in unlocking the benefits big data can provide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NoSQL databases – what you should know


While the last two years or so have welcomed the advent of NoSQL databases with unbridled enthusiasm, there are still many obstacles which must be overcome before they can become fully accepted among the more established enterprises.

Calley Signs Law Requiring Use of Prescription Drug Database

U.S. News

The requirement for health providers to use the recently upgraded Michigan Automated Prescription System takes effect in June. State officials say improvements to the system have put Michigan at the forefront of prescription drug monitoring technology.