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Have archaeologists in China found Buddha's remains?

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Human remains buried by a pair of monks in China over a millennia ago are claimed to belong to Buddha.

Buddhist bone sparks mystery

FOX News

Archaeologists have discovered what may be a skull bone from the revered Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. The bone was hidden inside a model of a stupa, or a Buddhist shrine used for meditation. The research team found the 1,000-year-old model within a stone chest in a crypt beneath a Buddhist temple in Nanjing, China. Inside the stupa model archaeologists found the remains of Buddhist saints, including a parietal (skull) bone that inscriptions say belonged to the Buddha himself. The model is made of sandalwood, silver and gold, and is covered with gemstones made of crystal, glass, agate and lapis lazuli, a team of archaeologists reported in an article published in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics.

World's amazing temples

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There are thousands of religious practices around the world, and for many religions, houses of worship are built. Temples are constructed as a place for prayer, meditation, sacrifice, and other spiritual activities. Before temples, people worshipped Mother Earth, and eventually small shrines and stone structures began to appear. Early temples were constructed to raise worship to their gods. Today, they do the same, gathering in temples to perform rituals, pay tribute, and make sacrifices.

More than 2K pieces of the 'Buddha' found in box in China

FOX News

A Buddha statue is showered by a devotee during a bathing ritual in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on May 21, 2016.

Biblical home of the Ark of the Covenant is 'discovered' in Israel

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Religious archaeologists in Israel claim they have discovered the stone on which Ark of Covenant once sat. The biblical claim was made by researchers from Tel Aviv University who found a 3,100-year-old temple near the modern-day town of Beit Shemesh. Religious teachings claim that the Ark contained the Ten Commandments received by Moses on Mount Sinai. They also preach that the Ark rested on a square table and this latest find is being hailed as merging biblical teachings with archaeological evidence. Archaeologists say it is strikingly similar to the mythical'large stone' described in the First Book of Samuel.