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Jeb Bush shames 'irate passengers' complaining about airport security on 9/11

FOX News

Law enforcement and loved ones offer tears and tributes to the World Trade Center victims; Eric Shawn reports from Lower Manhattan. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush expressed disbelief Wednesday after witnessing two incidents of travelers getting angry about security measures at an airport -- on the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. "I am flying today and have seen two incidences where irate passengers are challenging basic security measures," Bush tweeted. I appreciate the patience and professionalism of American Airlines personnel." Bush – who made a White House run in 2016 – is the younger brother of George W. Bush, who was president during 9/11 when Al Qaeda terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people after hijacking three airplanes and flying them into the World Trade Center complex in New York City and the Pentagon, outside of Washington, D.C. Another plane, United Airlines Flight 93, was also hijacked but crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers thwarted the terrorists' attempts to steer the plane to Washington.

North Carolina School System Steps up Security Measures

U.S. News

According to a news release from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Superintendent Clayton Wilcox said when school resumes after the winter break, the system will begin random wanding of students and random searches of backpacks and bags by trained security personnel and managed by the system's police force.

US says ban on laptops in airplane cabins has been lifted

Associated Press

DALLAS (AP) — The ban on laptops in the cabins of planes flying from the Middle East to the U.S. is over, as federal officials say that large airports in the region have taken other steps to increase security.

Unprecedented Security Measures Likely to Surround Kim at Summit

U.S. News

"As the venue and time of the summit have already been announced, security for Kim Jong Un will be tighter than for any other VIPs," said the professor, who was the first academic to establish a university major in South Korea on guarding and protection. "I think we can presume that North Korea made more demands to Singapore than the United States did in terms of security."