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Watch Ubisoft's E3 keynote live with us at 4P Eastern


Engadget is trying something a bit new this year for E3: live commentary for Ubisoft and Sony's press conferences. Because, really, we all need a break from overhyped PR jargon. At Ubisoft's media event, which kicks off at 4PM Eastern, we expect to hear more about Assassin's Creed Odyssey and The Division 2, which debuted during Microsoft's E3 event yesterday. Follow all the latest news from E3 2018 here!

Glitches and exploits hilariously ruined a recent 'For Honor' tournament


Don't miss the irony here: To win in For Honor, exploits and glitches are the real name of the game. That's what Ubisoft learned when it hosted a tournament to celebrate the release of two new heroes. Unfortunately for the duel-focused fighting game's publisher, For Honor is still riddled with unbalanced abilities and technical issues, as Reddit user ColdBlackCage pointed out. Even small bugs or advantages like these can be complete game-changers in For Honor matches, where the slightest mistake or timing error can lead to defeat, almost like a digital version of fencing. One move in the game, appropriately called stampede charge, is pretty much unstoppable regardless of your skill level.

Ubisoft's 'E3-style' showcase will stream July 12th


On July 12th, Assassin's Creed Valhalla publisher Ubisoft will host its first-ever "digital conference" to give fans a look at its latest games. Dubbed Ubisoft Forward, the company says the "E3-style showcase" will feature "exclusive game news, exciting reveals and much more." The Sunday stream will start at 3PM ET / 12 PM PT. Ubisoft is now one of several companies that plans to make up for the cancellation of E3 2020 with a digital event. The timing of Ubisoft Forward will likely put it in close proximity to Microsoft's July Xbox 20/20 showcase where we'll see gameplay footage of the company's first-party exclusives.

Ubisoft: Ditching Steam for Epic caused a surge in 'Division 2' sales


Ubisoft recently became the latest big gun to challenge Stream's status quo by jumping ship to the Epic Games Store. And it claims the decision has already paid off by diverting more players to its Uplay portal, where they purchased even more copies of The Division 2. Pre-orders for the sequel are higher than the original overall, and "six-times higher" on the Ubisoft store, noted Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in yesterday's earnings call (per Rock, Paper, Shotgun). "With this deal, we saw an opportunity to increase player exposure to our own store while at the same time supporting a partner that greatly values our games and provides better terms," said Guillemot. "Early indications are supportive, as PC pre-orders are higher than for the first Division, and pre-orders on the Ubisoft store are six times higher. We believe this deal is a long-term positive for Ubisoft."