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Save $46 on this set of wine glasses that won't knock over


Imagine finally finding the time to unwind after weeks of soul-crushing work. You uncork that special bottle of wine you've been saving, and park yourself in front of Netflix. But after your second glass, your inner klutz accidentally spills the precious vino all over your white couch. Avoid a similar situation from happening with the Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses -- wine glasses designed to avoid spillage. Crafted with a stainless steel ball, this patented glass pivots to promote the aeration of your beverage, all while making sure that you can't knock it over by accident.

Nreal's mixed reality glasses can be powered by a 5G phone


Can'mixed reality' glasses ever go mainstream? The company is pushing ahead with Light, a pair of "ready-to-wear" spectacles that project immersive videos, games and characters into your field of vision. Back at CES, we used the glasses while they were attached to a small, clip-on computing unit called'Toast' (apparently it looks like a toaster?) Now, the company is showing how the smart glasses can work with a 5G-enabled, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855-powered smartphone instead. That means, in theory, the company can offer a cheaper Light at launch that doesn't require you to carry an extra gadget in your pocket.

Rokid's AR glasses are janky as hell, but they have to start somewhere


Rokid's AR glasses aren't ready for public consumption, but the company is releasing them this year anyway. Rokid is an AI company based in China and it's made a name for itself building smart home products, but its latest gadget is a pair of frames that aim to be the AR glasses of our sci-fi dreams. Right now, however, their functionality is limited.

Apple's AR glasses may be closer than we think


We had strong indications that Apple was investing in new screen technology, but now we have a better idea what it's going to be used for. A report suggests that Apple's microLED tech -- a new type of display that's similar to OLED screens but is brighter and consumes less energy -- won't just be something for Apple Watches and iPhones. The next-gen screen technology will also serve as the display for a new kind of product: Apple-made augmented-reality glasses, at least according to a report from DigiTimes. Apple has chosen Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as its manufacturing partner for the displays, the report says. Interestingly, it also says Apple will make both small and large versions of the displays, the smaller ones for the Apple Watch and AR glasses, and the larger ones for some unnamed product "much larger" than MacBooks.