Master Google Analytics with this $10 online course


If you've hit a wall in your job search, and it seems like every potential employer is giving you the cold shoulder, it may be time to take a more critical look at your résumé. Recruiters and hiring managers see scores of them every day, and the buzzwords and resume hacks that may have wowed them in the past are now old hat. In this data-driven corporate world, employers need to see hard proof of your knowledge and skills -- not just anecdotal claims. That's why certifications are so valuable, and there's one in particular that marks you as a data expert and an asset to any marketing or product team: Google Analytics. Now is your chance to ace the GA exam with as little as 48 hours of study, by getting some online instruction from the Google Analytics Certification course.

What is a Salesforce Trailblazer and how can you become one?


There are a lot of different jobs at Salesforce beyond Sales and Service, and this course will walk you through all the career opportunities available to someone who understands the platform and cloud computing system. This is one of the best starting points if you envision a career working with the cloud.

MongoDB Online Training MongoDB Certification Course Edureka


Learning Objectives - In this module, you will get an understanding of Databases, Design Goals, Requirement of NoSQL/MongoDB, Architecture of mongoDB etc. This Module will also cover installation of mongoDB and associated tools. Topics - Understanding Base Concepts of Database, Database Categories, What is NoSQL? Benefit over RDBMS, Types of NoSQL Database, and NoSQL vs. SQL Comparison, ACID & Base Property, CAP Theorem, and Implementing NoSQL, What is MongoDB?

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35 Best IT Certifications Online, Training, Courses 2019 JA Directives


Are you looking for the Best IT Training Online? Grab this Best IT Courses Online & Tutorial which will help you to get the Best IT Certifications Online to skyrocket your career. Information Technology Certifications will assist you to understand the real-life implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Cloud Computing how this has changed the way we work and the way we think. Taking these Online IT Training 2018-19 will assist you to gain robust knowledge in IT sector and new doors will open for you too. Revolutionary changes have taken places in the IT sector due to some big companies like Space X, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Facebook and so on.