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SAP wants manufacturers to embrace cloud computing


SAP has introduced a new suite of products to make it easier for manufacturers to manage and monitor their systems and work with other parts of the supply chain, using cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). The new offerings from the European software giant include'SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution', which integrates business systems with the shop floor, allowing for component and material-level visibility for single and global installations, while'SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for insights' focuses on data-driven performance management. A'Predictive quality' offering allows manufacturers to apply predictive algorithms that can reduce losses from defects, deficiencies or variations, and recommend corrective actions. SAP also unveiled its manufacturing network, a cloud-based collaborative platform integrated with SAP Ariba that connects customers with manufacturing service providers, such as suppliers of 3D and CNC printing services, or material providers in order to collaborate across the entire manufacturing process, from design to part production. Using SAP's system, manufacturers can work together on design, highlight changes and suggest alternatives, link design discussions and data to request for quotations, and obtain price from one or multiple suppliers for parts and initiate the buying process.

How tech giants are putting machine learning to the test to improve the manufacturing process - IoT Tech Expo


Major companies are investing in machine learning-powered approaches to improve all aspects of manufacturing. Firms are using this technology to bring down labour costs, reduce product defects, shorten unplanned downtimes, improve transition times, and increase production speed. Artificial intelligence will help drive the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – with machine learning and deep learning rapidly becoming mainstream technologies. Recent developments and partnerships have shown how IBM, Microsoft and SAP, among others, are exploring the future of manufacturing. The mission of the Europe-based Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is contributing towards globalisation of Korean research and innovation by building an open platform where notable South Korean and European institutions and industrial partners can collaborate.

Lenovo Launches China Industrial Big Data Application Alliance To Boost Smart Manufacturing


Lenovo Group Ltd. has teamed up with China Electronics Standardization Institution to launch an Industrial Big Data Application Alliance to support the utilization of industrial big data.

Google's Visual Inspection AI to Inspect the Manufacturing Units


The Google Cloud in 2019, identified six sectors contributing to its growth. These are public, healthcare, financial services, retail, media, businesses, and manufacturing. The cost of quality control and inspection continues to be high in the manufacturing sector. With increasing demand, it is difficult for humans to inspect the defects in computer chips and other products manually. To tackle this problem Google Cloud has announced visual inspection AI.