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What is Singularity and when will singularity happen


Before you get to know the answer to what is singularity, just make yourself think something about future. Have you ever imagined a creature on land that will be teaching its next-generation "once upon a time there existed human beings?" If not, then time has come for you to start contemplating about non-human successors; because Google's Chief engineering Ray Kurzweil has predicted the happening of singularity in 2045, and it will change the present mode of human life on Earth.

Kurzweil claims singularity will happen by 2045


Ray Kurzweil, a director of engineering at Google, is a well-known futurist with a track record for accurate predictions. Kurzweil said, "The year 2029 is the consistent date I've predicted, when an artificial intelligence will pass a valid Turing test -- achieving human levels of intelligence. "I have also set the date 2045 for singularity -- which is when humans will multiply our effective intelligence a billion fold, by merging with the intelligence we have created." "By 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence," Kurzweil said. Singularity is that point in time when all advances in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence, will lead to machines smarter than human beings.

The "Father Of Artificial Intelligence" Says Singularity Is 30 Years Away


You've probably been told that the singularity is coming. It is that long-awaited point in time -- likely, a point in our very near future -- when advances in artificial intelligence lead to the creation of a machine (a technological form of life?) smarter than humans. If Ray Kurzweil is to be believed, the singularity will happen in 2045. If we throw our hats in with Louis Rosenberg, then the day will be arriving a little sooner, likely sometime in 2030. MIT's Patrick Winston would have you believe that it will likely be a little closer to Kurzweil's prediction, though he puts the date at 2040, specifically.

Artificial intelligence might be on its way


Siri was first introduced in 2011 on the iPhone 4S. When it was first introduced it was fun to play with and receive cute responses from, but it was not too useful. Since then, Siri and its competitors have become increasingly more useful. These phone voice assistants are just a small glimpse of what artificial intelligence could look like in the future. The singularity is a theory of a time in the future when humans create a true artificial super-intelligence.

By Hiring Kurzweil, Google Just Killed the Singularity

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Late last Friday, Google announced a jaw-dropping hire: Ray Kurzweil will join the company as a Director of Engineering. Has the world's brainiest tech company suddenly bought into Kurzweil's "rapture of the nerds" b.s. They've just signed The Singularity's death warrant by putting its chief proselytizer to work doing what he does best: inventing better machines for the real world, not writing science fiction. For this, Larry Page should get some kind of medal. Ray Kurzweil is a genius inventor.