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PayPal investor day: Partnerships, Venmo monetization to fuel growth


PayPal held its bi-annual investor day on Thursday and outlined key points of its growth strategy as its rivalries with Square and Amazon heat up. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman kicked off the parade of executive presentations by touting PayPal's relationship with retailers and other merchants -- an unspoken contrast to Amazon -- and it's evolution into a robust service provider. "We are becoming a solutions company instead of just a buttons company," Schulman said. A key aspect of PayPal's "solutions company" agenda is its use of partnerships and integrations. On that front, PayPal said it's entered an expanded partnership with Google that will make PayPal available throughout multiple Google apps and services as a new standard payment method.



The popular private investor podcast'Twin Petes Investing' announced today it has agreed a title sponsorship deal with investment data & analysis software SharePad from ShareScope. Twin Petes Investing is a collaboration between private investors, bloggers and Twitter personalities Peter Higgins @conkers3 and Peter'Wheelie' @WheelieDealer. Both are full time investors with several decades of involvement in the markets who find the day to day rigours of the ever-demanding quest to make large and consistent financial returns from the ever-evolving markets fascinating. The Petes put out the first of their fortnightly podcasts in November 2018 and 22 episodes and two live presentations later they have built a dedicated following of private investors, fund managers, investment industry figures and high-net worth individuals. Their unique, informal mix of timely market discussion, education content and stock ideas has amassed over 25,000 listens globally to date.


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For Many Young Investors, the Stock Market's Only Gone Up

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Few analysts are predicting an imminent downturn for the S&P 500, which finished Tuesday within 0.8 percent of its record, but they're much less confident about 2019 or beyond due to rising interest rates and other market challenges. The fear is that inexperienced investors will panic at their first taste of a bear market and sell their stocks, which would lock in their losses.

Tech investor picks 3 favorite gadgets of 2017

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Tech investor Peter Pham, who bought 365 gadgets in 2017, selects his three favorites on #TalkingTech. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Tech investor Peter Pham, who bought 365 gadgets in 2017, selects his three favorites on #TalkingTech.