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2018 AI predictions


In the information industry and at Thomson Reuters, AI and machine learning (ML) are already driving innovation and transformation. They are embedded in how we sift through large volumes of data and content, and how we enhance, organize, connect, and deliver content and information. They are the engines underlying many of our products and services.

How AI will power the Future of Work - Atos


Imagine having a digital assistant to schedule your next meeting or speaking to a chatbot to help you finalize a challenging task at work. Forward-thinking companies are implementing AI already, with Amazon launching Alexa for Business last year and Google recently trialling its Duplex human-sounding AI. A recent report from Gartner suggests that technology like this will be more commonplace, with one in five workers set to have a machine as their'co-worker' by 2022. For businesses to thrive in the future of work, humans will need to work in tandem with AI. Get this right, and they'll have the tools they need to increase productivity and master a more personalized experience for their employees.

COVID-19 response automation Watson Assistant for Citizens


COVID-19 has citizens looking for answers about symptoms and testing sites as well as current status of schools, transportation and other public services. This has caused a strain on government agencies, hospitals, schools, non-profits and other businesses working to keep their citizens, customers and employees safe. IBM Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform that provides an engaging experience for users to get even their most complex issues solved. Watson Assistant for Citizens is a virtual assistant that supports both chat and speech interfaces, and is pre-loaded to understand and respond to common questions about COVID-19, based on the latest CDC information. IBM is offering Watson Assistant for Citizens via the IBM Cloud available for no charge for at least 90 days, and will assist with initial setup.

Nubibot AI-Powered Chatbot Customer Service Automation Virtual Assistant


AI-powered chatbots can help contact center staff's to automate their daily tasks such as Tier-1 inquiries. Chatbots are able to front between 20 to 30% of Tier-1 customer queries. Leveraging on this technology can help businesses to reduce customer service costs and allow agents to address and focus on more complex queries.