Understanding Entrepreneur DNA with Founder Institute CEO Adeo Ressi


Let me take a step back and maybe give a reason why I started this approximately eight years ago. There was a financial crisis, if you recall, where it seemed that the global financial system was on the verge of collapse. And it was clear that bankers and politicians had put the main human system of commerce and interchange at risk through greedy and selfish behavior. And the reality is that entrepreneurs all along have been stewards of society generally trying to do the right thing, trying to grow their business, trying to help their employees. I mean, not everyone but on the whole.

Carnegie Mellon-led non profit received $250 million to create a new robotics institute


A new nonprofit run by Carnegie Mellon University will receive more than $250 million for a new robotics institute in Pittsburgh dubbed the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute, or ARM, the university announced today. The award is primarily funded by the Department of Defense, which gave $80 million toward the new center. Another $173 million came from undisclosed partner organizations. The university did not respond to a late request for information on the undisclosed donors. The money will be used to research and develop robotic technologies in the area of manufacturing, artificial intellegence, 3D printing and industrial robotics.

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Every entrepreneur has felt it: that gnawing sense that every moment of your day needs to be filled with work. In our newest episode from the Mindstorm series, Adeo Ressi (Founder Institute CEO) is back with Josh Whiton (Founder of Makesoil). Together, they discuss how startup founders can balance their work life with their personal wellbeing. If you're looking to join a pre-seed accelerator, apply at https://fi.co/join/mindstorm

With Vector Institute co-founder as advisor, integrate.ai wants to lead ethical AI


With Vector Institute co-founder Richard Zemel joining as an advisor, integrate.AI is hoping to position itself as a leader in ethical AI. The company--which has been outspoken about the need for businesses to think about social good in the past--will use Zemel's expertise to explore privacy and fairness in AI, while the Vector Institute has the opportunity to test their research with enterprises. In addition to his work at the Vector Institute, Zemel is also a senior fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and co-chief of machine learning at the Creative Destruction Lab. "It's akin to the Shopify ambition where we want to grow a platform company, not get acquired too soon, and provide great jobs to people here." "The kinds of problems that they're solving are looking at engagement of customers across different platforms and different kinds of products, and trying to infer aspects about that individual and aspects of what their preferences are," Zemel said of what attracted him to integrate.AI.

Chick-fil-A partnership with Pittsburgh Marathon causes ire among LGBT activists

FOX News

Activists have criticized the Pittsburgh Marathon for partnering with Chick-fil-A. The Pittsburgh Marathon ran into some problems earlier this month when it announced Chick-fil-A as the official title partner for its children's race. Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc. (P3R) announced its partnership with Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh late last month and celebrated with a family-oriented event on Oct. 2. Children posed for photos with the iconic cow mascot dressed in running gear and took home prizes and coupons. Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh serves as the title partner of the kids' marathon and a presenting partner for Kids of STEEL, a nutrition and activity program for children in southwestern Pennsylvania. "We're grateful to Chick-fil-A for their support and are thrilled they share our commitment to inspiring the next generation of runners throughout the Pittsburgh region," Troy Schooley, P3R senior vice president, said in a statement.