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Build a talking, face-recognizing doorbell for about $100


Registration for the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, September 18-20, 2017, in San Francisco, is now open. Recently, I set out to install a doorbell in my new house and thought: why doesn't my doorbell tell me who is at the door? Most of my DIY projects end up costing more than the equivalent product, even if I value my time at $0 per hour. Something about supply chains and economies of scale, I guess. In the course of this project, I built a door camera that is not only way cheaper than my Dropcam, but it has some genuinely useful features that, for some reason, aren't available on the market yet.

Montana County Has Error in Absentee Ballot Instructions

U.S. News

McGrew missed the deadline to put an ad in the Mineral Independent newspaper, which published on Wednesday. The secretary of state's office suggested mailing a new set of instructions, but McGrew believes a large percentage of the ballots would be returned before she could send out accurate instructions.

Lego launches Braille instructions for the visually impaired


The guides use AI technology to translate visual information into voice-commanded and Braille instructions. Lego has developed a set of instructions for the visually impaired, in an attempt to make the experience "more accessible". The Lego Audio & Braille Building Instructions were inspired by Matthew Shifrin, who was born blind. While Shifrin always enjoyed playing with the building blocks, he needed assistance when it came to specific instructions. His friend, Lilya, wrote down the building steps so that he could upload them into a system which allowed him to read the instructions on a Braille reader.

Japanese government draws up instructions to help schools prepare against possible missile strikes

The Japan Times

The education ministry has compiled guidelines to help schools review their crisis management manuals in order to better prepare against a possible North Korean missile attack.