How to Make Scavenger Hunts More Fun with Artificial Intelligence Web Tech Know


Scavenger hunts have existed for generations. I've written an app for Amazon's Alexa platform that modernizes scavenger hunts. The premise of the game doesn't change: find ten random items located in your home -- or around your neighborhood -- within an hour. Except that it is Alexa who facilitates the game play. My app is free to enable if you're one of the millions of people who own an Amazon Alexa.

Build a talking, face-recognizing doorbell for about $100


Registration for the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, September 18-20, 2017, in San Francisco, is now open. Recently, I set out to install a doorbell in my new house and thought: why doesn't my doorbell tell me who is at the door? Most of my DIY projects end up costing more than the equivalent product, even if I value my time at $0 per hour. Something about supply chains and economies of scale, I guess. In the course of this project, I built a door camera that is not only way cheaper than my Dropcam, but it has some genuinely useful features that, for some reason, aren't available on the market yet.

Amazon Rekognition Documentation


Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning image analysis service. With the growing proliferation of visual content on the web, Amazon Rekognition enables you to unlock tremendous value from this data. You can use the image analysis information to understand the image content, organize a massive amount of visual data, and build visually aware applications.

Amazon's Rekognition learns to guess your age


You know how old you are. You know how old your friends think you are. Heck, you even know how old Microsoft thinks you are. But at the end of the day, does anyone other than Amazon really matter? Until now, the only way for you to know how old Amazon thought you were was to look at products recommended to you.

I wrote a facial rekognition app in under two hours *


OK, I'll admit I didn't actually write the facial recognition bit of my app. But, I did find out how painless, quick and incredibly cheap it is to add facial recognition to your repertoire. As soon as I saw the release of Rekognition back in early December 2016, I wanted to play with it but just didn't have the opportunity at the time. A few weeks later, I read the famous post about building Jarvis from Mark Zuckerberg. And, guess what, the facial recognition part stood out to me once again.