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Content Relevant for Everyone? It's Time to Get Agile.


Nothing is more annoying to a consumer when browsing online than completely irrelevant content appearing on screen. Interrupting what would be an otherwise seamless, informative browsing experience with unwanted information can trigger an understandably negative reaction among consumers – compromising a brand's reputation in the process.

McDonald's will satisfy your Big Mac craving with UberEats delivery


McDonald's already tried delivering Quarter Pounder combo meals via Uber in Florida and now the fast-food restaurant it ready to expand the option. Crain's Chicago Business reports that McDonald's will launch its delivery option in more cities before the end of June. And yes, it's still powered by UberEats. That original testing phase included 200 locations in Florida, and for now, there's no word on exactly where the delivery option is headed next. Those details are likely to come soon, so you might be able to satisfy your Big Mac craving without leaving the house in the near future.

Yamato Holdings to hire 10,000, including drivers for night deliveries, over three years

The Japan Times

Yamato Holdings Co., a Japanese parcel delivery service group, said Thursday that it will hire 10,000 new workers, including drivers specializing in busy night deliveries, over the three years through fiscal 2019. The move is part of measures designed to improve drivers' working conditions that deteriorated in recent years due to increasing delivery needs arising from the expansion of online shopping. In fiscal 2016 that ended last March, Yamato Holdings delivered a record 1.868 billion parcels. The company plans to cut the number to 1.77 billion by fiscal 2018 through measures including raising delivery fees.