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France, Italy Finance Chiefs Seek More Business Cooperation

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However, they announced no breakthroughs on a high-speed rail tunnel through the Alps that has exposed the challenges of cross-border coordination. Tria expressed hope for a "positive outcome" of the debate within Italy's populist government coalition over the Turin-Lyon High-Speed Train tunnel link.

Nikola Executive Defends Business Model WSJD - Technology

A Nikola Corp. executive defended the electric-truck firm's technology and business plan, telling an investor conference that its partners are staying the course following the departure of its high-profile founder and executive chairman. "Nothing has changed," Kim Brady, Nikola's chief financial officer, said during a virtual conference Tuesday. "We recommend that investors really focus on the future and what we have delivered and what we're going to deliver."

Tropical Storm Harvey Disrupts Businesses, but Some May Benefit

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Texas is a significant vehicle market, particularly for pickup trucks built by the big three Detroit automakers. In the short term, the storm is likely to hamper operations at dealers. But longer term, "it seems there has been enough flooding to damage thousands of light vehicles that will need replacing," said Nick Colas, an independent analyst based in New York City.

'Platformizing' a Bad Business Does Not Make It a Good Business

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Uber and Lyft, as well as Airbnb, WeWork (We Co.), and other sharing-economy startups, offer valuable services, albeit with different levels of financial success (see "The Sharing Economy Meets Reality, Communications, January 2018). What most of these ventures have in common is they function as transaction platforms. That is, they bring together two or more market sides to exchange information, goods, or services, including advertisements. The businesses can grow rapidly through the power of network effects whereby one market actor (for example, sellers) attracts another side (for example, buyers) in a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop. The more populated one side becomes, the more value and participation we see on the other side.

Colorado Business Groups Align Behind Transportation Deal

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The coalition's support, announced Monday, represents a boost to the proposal's chances of passage. Previously, business groups including Colorado Concern and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce had offered competing plans to pay for the state's infrastructure needs, complicating political negotiations at the divided legislature.