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How to create a personal Alexa skill


Use the new Skill Blueprints to make Alexa do cool new tricks. Amazon's virtual voice assistant just got a whole lot smarter. With the arrival of Skill Blueprints, Alexa can now perform a variety of personalized tricks -- "skills," as Amazon calls them, that are personalized to you and your family. For example, is someone studying for a test? With the Flashcards Blueprint, you can set up a customized set of questions -- and answers, natch -- and Alexa will deliver a voice-powered quiz.

Amazon intros Blueprints, code free templates to create Alexa skills


Amazon has introduced a series of no-code, fill-in-blank templates that let anyone build Alexa skills specifically for their personal Amazon account. Alexa is the brain of Amazon's Echo and digital assistant efforts, and the Alexa skills are voice-activated apps, usually built by third-party developers, that allow Alexa to deliver additional services and features. With the the new Alexa Skill Blueprints, Amazon is giving the average layperson the option to program basic Alexa skills, like answering the question, "Who is the best mom ever?" Or for the slightly more advanced, an interactive adventure story that's personalized to your child. There are currently 20 skill blueprints across four categories, including Fun & Games, At Home, Storyteller, and Learning & Knowledge.

Amazon blueprints lets you make your own Alexa skills

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There are more than 30,000 Alexa skills available, and they all have one thing in common: They weren't made by you. Amazon's Skill Blueprints looks to change that. Amazon says the newly announced Skill Blueprints will make skill creation more accessible, by offering customers customizable templates they can use to make their own skills for the voice-powered Alexa assistant. Starting today (April 19), Amazon is making available 20 skill blueprints across several categories: Home, Fun & Games, Storyteller, and Learning & Knowledge. Using those templates, Alexa users will be able to create a skill for their corniest jokes, a trivia game, or an interactive story, to name three examples.

Amazon launches Alexa for Business Blueprints


Amazon is making another push to bring Alexa into the workplace with the official launch of Alexa for Business Blueprints and a dedicated business category on the Blueprints website. Amazon rolled out Alexa for Business more than a year ago and has steadily added features via AWS. Skill Blueprints were launched in April 2018 as a way to allow anyone to create skills and publish them to the Alexa Skills Store. In February, Amazon opened the Alexa Skills program up to businesses, publishers and brands, but this latest effort expands the business pitch significantly. With new private business skills, including the Business Q&A and Onboard Guide Blueprints, businesses can create voice-activated productivity services specific, and exclusive, to their company.

Alexa Skill Blueprints


"Alexa, who is the best mom?" Keep a personal Q&A list on any subject. Ask Alexa your questions and get your answers.