Multi-borders classification Machine Learning

The number of possible methods of generalizing binary classification to multi-class classification increases exponentially with the number of class labels. Often, the best method of doing so will be highly problem dependent. Here we present classification software in which the partitioning of multi-class classification problems into binary classification problems is specified using a recursive control language.

Multilabel classification -- scikit-learn 0.18.1 documentation


This example simulates a multi-label document classification problem. In the above process, rejection sampling is used to make sure that n is more than 2, and that the document length is never zero. Likewise, we reject classes which have already been chosen. The documents that are assigned to both classes are plotted surrounded by two colored circles. Note that PCA is used to perform an unsupervised dimensionality reduction, while CCA is used to perform a supervised one.

[Research] Machine Learning for Recyclable Material Classification • /r/MachineLearning


This is my first post on this subreddit. I am interested in what the reddit community thinks of my thesis topic which utilizes machine learning to solve a classification problem. I am investigating the development of a software system for a self-sorting smart bin that can identify and sort plastics, metals, glass, and landfill. One of the biggest problems to crack is the identification and classification of items input into the bin. I have yet to select a machine learning algorithm to solve this classification problem but'adaptive interactive modelling systems' looks very promising.

Regression vs. Classification Algorithms


Machine learning generates a lot of buzz because it's applicable across such a wide variety of use cases. That's because machine learning is actually a set of many different methods that are each uniquely suited to answering diverse questions about a business. To better understand machine learning algorithms, it's helpful to separate them into groups based on how they work.

Classify Data Using the Classification Learner App - Video - MATLAB


Classification Learner lets you perform common supervised learning tasks such as interactively exploring your data, selecting features, specifying validation schemes, training models, and assessing results. You can export classification models to the MATLAB workspace, or generate MATLAB code to integrate models into applications.