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Android Go phones will be available soon


Android Oreo had quite the interesting feature lurking in its software: Go Edition, which was designed for smartphones with 1 GB of RAM or less. Today, the company announced that the first set of Android Oreo (Go Edition) phones will be unveiled next week and be available for purchase soon after that.

Google Android Security report 2017: We read it so you don't have to


Google released its Android security report just to let you know that you're not loading up on potentially harmful applications. While the report is partly a marketing vehicle for Android given Apple often touts its security, there are some key takeaways to ponder. We read through the 56-page Android report so you don't have to. Here are the key takeaways. This report is about perception and corralling an ecosystem that's hard to wrangle.

Google's Next Version of Android Will Be Called Nougat

TIME - Tech

Google has a fun tradition of naming each version of Android after a sweet treat, and the company has finally revealed that its upcoming mobile software will be called Android Nougat. Google has revealed nearly every detail about the update except for its name, which it had referred to simply as Android N until this point. While this year's name falls in line with the alphabetical pattern Google has followed when choosing dessert-themed titles in the past (Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc.), this is the first time Android fans were able to submit their own ideas. Many had previously speculated that the update would be called Nutella. Android Nougat will arrive later this year and will bring a new split-screen view for phones and tablets, redesigned notifications, and better support for virtual reality among other new features.

Android Nougat? Android Nachos? Google wants you to name Android N


The next-generation Android N mobile software needs a name, and Google wants you to help. Google announced Wednesday that it's calling upon the world to help them name Android N, which you can do on its website. Each Android release has a name that follows the last one alphabetically, and they all are named after desserts. The last two Android versions were named Lollipop and Marshmallow. So Google wants you to hop on the website and give them your best dessert suggestion starting with N. Our favorites right now are Neapolitan, Nougat, Nerds and Nutmeg (because mm).

Google Pay combines Android Pay, Google Wallet into single service


Managing an Android Pay and Google Wallet account wasn't a lot of work, but it sure could get confusing at times. In a move to streamline its payment platform across the web, mobile, and retail locations, Google is combining its two payment platforms into one the company announced on Monday.