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Five9 Aims To Unlock Insight From Contact Center With Artificial Intelligence


Almost every organization is evaluating how technologies such as AI can improve their business. In many ways, the business goals for AI adoption haven't changed for decades. Companies want to improve their customer experience, make processes more efficient and deliver actionable insights to their employees. Fortunately, the computing landscape evolved in ways that allow companies to realize these goals. Cloud computing offers of scalable, low-cost computing that provides a foundation for storage, analytics and AI Cloud computing providers also added toolkits and pre-trained cloud-resident machine learning models.

How AI is Transforming the Contact Center


Today's contact center agents must be able to communicate with customers not only on the phone but via social media, instant messaging, video conferencing and web chat. How can humans do it all? That's why many companies are implementing bots powered by artificial intelligence to work in their contact centers and communicate with their customers. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will no longer be managed by humans. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google are all building virtual assistants and chatbots that can respond to voice queries and engage in a fairly natural dialog with users.

Ping An's Fast AI with Huawei SD-WAN Solution -- Huawei case studies


Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd is the first joint-stock insurance enterprise in China. It has developed into an integrated services conglomerate that blends its financial services such as finance and insurance, banking, and investment management to create an integrated, compact, and diversified business profile. In 2017, Ping An ranked first among the world's 100 most valuable insurance brands. Ping An Technology was founded in 2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group. It is mainly responsible for developing and operating critical platforms and services that support the efficient development of insurance, banking, investment and internet businesses of the Group.

QoS vs QoE


QoS-Quality of Service (analytics) and QoE-Quality of Experience (user satisfaction) are tightly intertwined in an ever challenging and complex environment of networks, devices, mobile and applications. Bandwidth is often considered the cause for jitter, round trip delays, echo, crosstalk and noisy calls. As a technical professional and integrator you are faced with planning in advance what the problems will be and providing instant solutions when the C-level calls to complain. The key issue is having tools that when the CXO calls complaining about having a terrible call with a customer you need a better answer than – "I don't have any idea". Paessler has a technical tool designed to help you measure and manage your SIP network effectively and efficiently.

Who Is Policing Political Texts Final Days of Election? Wireless Companies Are Trying WSJD - Technology

Wireless carriers have expressed concerns about the potential for consumers to receive messages they don't want and never signed up for. Carriers have taken a more aggressive stance in monitoring such dispatches because they want to keep texts from becoming a channel for unwanted outreach the way phone calls did as robocall volumes rose. The result has led to near-daily tussles between carriers, campaigns and the intermediaries that relay the texts, according to people involved in the interactions. Wireless carriers last year agreed to new industry standards that require all political texters to secure explicit consent before sending messages. All three major carriers-- AT&T Inc., T-Mobile US Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. --say they expect compliance with those guidelines, which include the ability to opt out at any time.