What AI have MIT been creating? - BBC Click


Click heads to MIT's CSAIL to check out its weird and wonderful robotic research, and visits Wimbledon to see how AI is set to transform the tennis tournament. Find us online at www.bbc.com/click

New scan aims to aid tumour detection - BBC Click


The job of determining the extent of tumours is currently done by hand with limited accuracy. The "Inner Eye" project could make the process 40 times quicker and suggest treatments that could prove the most effective. BBC Click's Dan Simmons visited the Microsoft Research centre in Cambridge, UK to see it in action. Find us online at www.bbc.com/click

Bionic 3D-printed arm 'gives confidence' to young amputees

BBC News

A Bristol-based robotics company, Open Bionics, has developed the world's first medically-certified 3D-printed artificial arm for amputees. The Hero Arm, with its artificial hand, can fit children as young as nine years old. Its motor is controlled by muscles on the residual limb, allowing the user to carry out many tasks as if the hand was real. Open Bionics hope the £5,000 bionic arm could be made available on the NHS. BBC Click's Kathleen Hawkins went to meet Raimi, who says the arm has given her a new confidence.