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The Definitive Guide to Machine Learning for Marketers in 2017


Machine learning is the future of marketing, but what can you do today to apply it and get an edge over your competitors? There is a lot of buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence. It seems everyday writers and experts are publishing articles and talking on the radio about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to change the world. Likewise, trending topics – such as self-driving cars and big data– have our piqued our collective interest in the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The truth is, however, that we are in the early inception stages of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

IBM Fuels Digital Marketing Transformation with THINK Marketing


IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced THINK Marketing, a new one-stop destination for marketers to gain knowledge, learn skills and ultimately drive a digital transformation within their business. Designed to help Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) and their teams build proficiency and experience, THINK Marketing delivers news and thought leadership content from the industry's top marketing influencers and news outlets. Through these assets, marketers can gain a deeper knowledge and, when ready, match their needs with solutions from IBM and more than sixty marketing technology companies from around the globe including Sprinklr, Mirakl and MediaMath. THINK Marketing will rapidly grow to include new industry specific content, collections of content on additional marketing functions and double the number of third-party solutions. THINK Marketing will also include a developer marketplace where start-ups and developers can virtually brainstorm, try solutions and also create and bring to market new cognitive and cloud apps that address important marketing challenges.

Delivering seamless experiences with IBM Digital Experiences


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From Watson to Einstein: The AI tech automating the future of marketing


As tech giants make bigger leaps into artificial intelligence, they see marketers as key customers for a variety of services and are promising more nuance and layers than the technology's early days might suggest. Companies such as IBM, Salesforce and others believe AI has the potential to transform marketing as much as the digital revolution has over the past several years. IBM, which first made an AI media splash in 1997 when its Deep Blue supercomputer beat chess champion Garry Kasparov, has emerged as an early market leader with newer, smarter Watson software. Google is also ramping up R&D spend on AI; Microsoft is integrating AI across its enterprise; Facebook is building out facial recognition AI for basic user experiences and Salesforce is championing a new platform called Einstein to help optimize for individual customer data. In late September, all of these companies and others banded together to create the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society, a group with the objective of addressing opportunities and challenges, along with standards and best practices, for AI developers.