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For seasoned tailgaters, the game is only part of the experience. Waking up early to marinate meat, packing the car with enough food and drinks to feed a defensive line, and staking out a prime spot in the parking lot--it takes the foresight of a top offensive coordinator combined with the execution of a Super Bowl–winning quarterback. But no matter how much planning goes into the pre-game, you're ultimately only as good as the stuff you bring along. Leave the Hail Marys to the pros: To make sure you have the best, most reliable products by your side, we've put football season staples through extensive testing to bring you the true MVPs. The Weber Q 1200 is a well-made, versatile portable gas grill.

The 8 best grills you can buy in 2018

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Grilling outdoors (or indoors) is one of the great summer pastimes in this world. There are so many different meats, veggies, fish and so many other foods that can be tossed on a grill and so many different kinds of grills to toss them on. To help you purchase the best grill for the barbecues that await you, we put together a list of the best grills on the market right now. From charcoal to gas to portable to electric, these are some of the best grills we've ever tested at Reviewed, along with some of the best-selling grills on Amazon that people love. The Napoleon Rogue 425 is our favorite gas grill, and serious outdoor chefs tend to agree.


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The Weber Q is a powerful, versatile portable grill that'll serve you well for years to come. Weber makes great full-sized grills--the Spirit II E-310 was our top pick for gas grills. However, we weren't sure they could pack that power into a portable package until we started testing. The Weber Q 1200 immediately pulled away from the pack with its cast-iron grilling grates, giving us beautiful, well-defined grill marks on the burgers we cooked on it. Although it only has one burner, it was able to deliver a surprising amount of heat and consistently at that: heat distribution across the Q 1200's 189-square-inch cooking cast iron grilling grates proved even enough to allow for great grilling, cooking food evenly over its entire grilling surface. This is a grill that offers enough space to cook for a small crowd (we easily fit six burgers on its surface,) and packs up compact enough to disappear once your meal is done. When it comes to features, the Q 1200 was one of the few portable grills we tested that had side tables that were sturdy enough to hold a plate full of food.

The ultimate guide to everything you need for game day

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The final football Sunday of the season is on the horizon and people everywhere will be celebrating the big game. To help you make the most of your game day, we've crafted the ultimate guide to everything you need for the event.

Brisket at the Beach? Here Are the Best Portable Grills


Whether you're camping or tailgating, a portable grill is a must. Sure, you could try to wrestle a full-sized grill into your car, but why put yourself through that when there's a tool that's actually made for the job at hand? Charcoal and gas partisans will swear by their preferred fuel source, but gas has an undeniable edge when it comes to portability. Because one-pound propane canisters are a lot easier to lug around than a big bag of briquettes. Still, that doesn't mean charcoal is a total no-go. If you have room for the fuel, there's no denying the delicious smokey flavor it can deliver.