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Facebook And The Women's March

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

Facebook, and social media in general, has changed the world. Love it or hate it, it has. When I ran for office last year, every advisor I spoke with said social media does not win elections. I think both my election, and Donald Trump's, prove that that is no longer true. The march in Iowa City started with a Facebook post.

Seattle demands Facebook disclose campaign ad information


Seattle has launched the first attempt in the US to regulate political ads on the internet. According to Reuters, Seattle's election authority is accusing Facebook of violating a city law that requires entities to disclose the identities of people buying campaign ads. It wants the social network to reveal info on the accounts that purchased ads for last year's city elections, and it's threatening to slap Facebook with penalties if it doesn't comply.

Dan Rather, Facebook Anchorman

The Atlantic - Technology

Within hours, Rather's post had been shared hundreds of thousands of times. By the next day, Rather told me, the post had reached an audience of some 20 million people. His Facebook page is listed under his name as part of his work with News and Guts, a production company he started in 2006.) "To find oneself speaking, metaphorically at least, to almost 20 million people--this last 24 hours has been the closest thing I have felt to the heyday of the CBS Evening News," he said. "Particularly given the startling reaction to this most recent post, which I will tell you staggers me--frankly, I feel like I've been transported to very deep outer space."

NPR accidentally posts about a cat on its Facebook, now people want more of the cat


Accidentally posting personal stuff onto a work page is every social media manager's worst nightmare. This time, after the last few days, it came as a moment of relief. On Monday, an NPR staffer's accidental Facebook post went viral, amassing more than 20,000 reactions at the time of writing. It concerned none other than a cat named Ramona, presumably belonging to the author of the post. "Ramona is given new toy: Smiles, examines for 20 seconds, discards," reads the original post.