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Streaming Player Wars: Where to find Peacock, HBO Max and more

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The latest new streamer, Peacock from NBC-Universal, debuts Wednesday, but you won't be able to find it on the two most popular streaming player platforms, Roku or Amazon. Together, they account for some 70% of the streaming viewing audience, with each claiming 40 million active users. Both rejected HBO Max when it debuted in May as well, and haven't softened in bringing it on either. So if you've got a yen for watching reruns of "Parks and Rec" or favorites from the current NBC lineup, like an all-day Today show channel or "Saturday Night Live" on demand, and love the idea of a "Max" HBO with special channels devoted to DC Comics, TCM and more in addition to the HBO programming, where to go? Full picture:NBC's Peacock arrives last to streaming wars, but has a valuable weapon: It's free (with ads) Comes in three varieties, starting at $149.99 for a unit that streams in 1080p resolution, or the 4K models, at $179.99 (with 32 gigabyte storage) or $199.99 with 64 GBs. These units are considerably more expensive than Roku and Amazon, which start at around $25 during the holidays and regularly go for $29.99 for Roku and $39.99 for Amazon.

NBC's Peacock streaming app now available on Roku

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Some three months after its launch, NBCUniversal's streaming channel Peacock is finally available on Roku, the most viewed streaming platform. The two had been at odds over how to split ad revenues. After a game of chicken Friday, where NBCUniversal threatened to remove all 11 NBC streaming channels from Roku, by the afternoon, they came to terms and put Peacock on the service Monday. Peacock is still missing from the other huge player in streaming, Amazon, but is available on the Apple TV set-top box, Google Chromecast, tablets, computers and phones, Android TV devices, Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Vizio and LG Smart TVs. Opinion:Peacock: Every original series reviewed, from the forgettable to the awful to bright light'Psych' Preview:NBC's Peacock arrives last to streaming wars, but has a valuable weapon: It's free (with ads) Peacock is ad-supported, a big difference from other recent launches from Disney and Apple, which charge a monthly fee, and offers some 20,000 hours of movies from the Universal library and NBC TV series.

Brooklynite takes her pet peacock on a nice walk, like you do


You have to feed them, play with them and especially walk them several times a day. It's probably even harder when your beloved pet is a peacock. Mean while, in bushwick, Brooklyn NY ..... Twitter user @HazeCastellano_ spotted one such responsible peacock owner walking her precious bird friend on a rainy day in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The image was also posted on Imgur with the caption "Hipster Level: Why."

Peacock app finally lands on Fire TV devices, following a 14-month wait


Nope, you don't have to deal with sideloading Peacock onto your Fire TV devices anymore. NBCUniversal's Peacock service is finally--and officially--coming to Amazon's Fire TV platform, ending a 14 month-long dispute. The Peacock app will be available for download on Fire TV devices starting on Thursday, and it will be compatible with the entire Fire TV line, according to an NBCU rep. The announcement follows a series of playful tweets Tuesday from the Fire TV and Peacock Twitter feeds, in which the two sides made it clear that they'd patched up their differences. The more than year-long wait for Peacock to arrive on Fire TV marks one of the longer standoffs in the streaming video world.

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When most people travel with animals, they travel with small lap dogs or perhaps particularly patient felines. But for one woman flying out of Newark Liberty International Airport, dogs and cats are so 2017.