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What's in a name? For people named Alexa, a new digital connection - Will Amazon's Alexa replace the keyboard?

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Imagine if your name was synonymous with an incredibly popular form of artificial intelligence. For women with the name Alexa, the success of Amazon's digital assistant has made the name both more recognizable as well as spurred inevitable jokes about, for example, what the weather is doing (Amazon's Alexa can give a weather report). In December of last year, the tech giant said it had sold millions of Alexa-enabled units-- nine times more than the previous holiday season. The Echo is "officially mainstream," according to Slice Intelligence. I spoke to five Alexas for a lighthearted look at how they feel about their name.

When AI met video content: how robots will transform video streaming Information Age


It's all about trying to teach computers to make connections, similar to those humans make instinctively when growing up, in distinguishing objects. When it comes to video content, machine learning can help solve one of the growing issues in the industry. Barry Schwarz calls it'the paradox of choice' which he describes in his book and his excellent TED talk. Simply put, there has been an explosion of high quality video content production over the last decade. In 2014, Annalect reported that US consumers wanting to watch episodic TV had over 350 to choose from. Yet, consumers are less happy now than when they had fewer choices. It turns out that too many choices just make decisions harder. So, as an industry, we must come up with new ways of getting a better understanding of what each consumer wants to watch and create tools that will make discovery and recommendation more seamless and effective. In fact, machine learning could very well be the driver of a completely new set of content discovery and hyper-personalized services that will dramatically improve viewer satisfaction.

Bots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change user experience says Satya Nadella – Tech2


Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered bots will become the next interface, shaping our interactions with the applications and devices we rely on and Microsoft's latest solutions are set to change the way HP interacts with its customers and partners, Indian-born Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said. "Bots are now learning in human context and the relevant thing for us is to make them intelligent as we learn from customers' experience. Our solutions are going to give HP a 360-degree view of its customer services," Nadella announced at HP's Global Partner Conference (GPC) 2016 at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) here. HP announced a six-year agreement to deploy Microsoft Dynamics customer relation management (CRM) online in order to enhance collaboration across marketing, sales and service operations. With Dynamics, as well as Azure, Office 365 and other Microsoft Cloud solutions, HP has invested in the sales and service collaboration platform to deliver a seamless sales experience for customers and partners.

Artificial Intelligence 'Will' Disrupt The Creative Industry - Howorth


It's mainstream and it's coming faster than anyone thought possible. Global developments in robotics and artificial intelligence will disrupt most industries, including the PR and creative industry. Speaking at the Holmes Report's PRovokes 2016 summit in Miami, Lipson shared an action packed keynote, with plenty of thought provoking examples to remind us we now live in harmony with robots, which are getting smarter by the day as a result of artificial intelligence (AI). "The industry is moving so fast it's surprising everyone in the field, where we've seen complete lines of research made obsolete," said Lipson. "For most of us, our view of robots was what see saw portrayed in Hollywood movies – robots were happy, emotional, cunning, smart and sophisticated.

How AI will enhance user experience and boost productivity


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