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Zinier Raises $90 Million to Transform Field Service Workforces


Zinier, the leader in intelligent field service automation, announced that it has raised $90 million in Series C funding to transform field service workforces with AI-driven automation. New investor ICONIQ Capital led the round with new participation from Tiger Global Management, and return investors Accel, Founders Fund, Nokia-backed NGP Capital, France-based Newfund Capital and Qualcomm Ventures LLC. The funding will support global customer adoption and expansion of Zinier's AI-driven field service automation platform, ISAC. In the past year, more than $100 million was invested in Zinier to transform the way field service work gets done. From the electricity that lights up homes to wireless connectivity that enables communication around the world, it's expected that these services work on demand.

AI Inroads in Construction Management - Constructech


Whether you use artificial or augmented with intelligence, AI (artificial intelligence) is catching on in the industry. Recent announcements include its use in field and office alike. For example, Black & Veatch is implementing Zinier's intelligent field service automation platform, ISAC, (Intelligent Service Automation and Control) to deepen realtime visibility into the field, to anticipate service disruptions through AI-driven recommendations, and to improve operational efficiencies by automating manual front-office, backoffice, and field-office tasks. ISAC will help ensure faster, more seamless communication among Black & Veatch's extensive field services workforce. According to Zinier, ISAC is the eyes, ears, and algorithms that analyze an organization's past and present.

Zinier Expands AI-Driven Platform


In some cases, ISAC will immediately implement a recommendation once it has been accepted by the user. In other cases, it will suggest a course of action for a back-office coordinator or field technician.

Top Artificial Intelligence Funding in January 2020


The disruptive technologies these days are getting lots of attention in the global technology market. Particularly, artificial intelligence is one such technology that is making headlines every day. With new inventions and innovations, more and more companies are emerging across the industry to offer something that was never explored before. Most of all, various rising start-ups and other AI-based companies are securing hefty amounts of investment from significant investors every now and then. The beginning of new year marked the commencement of new era of innovation with several investors coming forward to contribute to the transformative journey of emerging innovators.

5G Wireless Networks And AI Will Power Enterprise Digital Transformation - AI Trends


Mobile operators are integrating AI-enabled applications and edge-cloud computing with their 5G networks to accelerate enterprise digital transformation and unleash new business opportunities. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G networks are among the emerging solutions offering the greatest business and financial opportunities in the digital age. These technologies have the power to transform the business landscape and how enterprises operate on a daily basis, and they could transform the productivity and growth speed of small or large corporations. These emerging technologies must process and transmit massive quantities of data in real time, something only possible with 5G and AI. The increased speed and capacity of 5G networks enhanced by artificial intelligence will enable the development and spread of technologies such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and virtual reality.