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US sanctions technologies company boosting Syria WMD program

U.S. News

The spokesman for the National Security Council, Ned Price, says that the order to sanction the technologies company "is the first time the United States is sanctioning specific Syrian officials in connection with Syria's violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention."

UK Says Making Progress With Tech Companies on Getting Encrypted Militant Messages

U.S. News

Britain has repeatedly complained that technology companies have failed to disclose enough information about the encrypted messages of militant suspects, though technology companies such as Whatsapp say they cannot break end-to-end encryption.

Is Facebook Is A Tech Or Media Company? CEO Mark Zuckerberg Weighs In

International Business Times

The lines have been murky for consumers when trying to distinguish whether Facebook is still a tech company or whether it is slowly entering the media market. On Monday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg clarified where he stands during a Q&A session at Rome's Luiss university. "No, we are a tech company, not a media company," said Zuckerberg, after asked if Facebook would become a news editor. "When you think about a media company, you know, people are producing content, people are editing content, and that's not us. We do not produce the content.

China cracks down on lengthy, awkward company names

The Japan Times

SHANGHAI – "Beijing Afraid of Wife Technology" and "What You Looking at Technology" are among the kind of company names that will become a thing of the past under new Chinese government rules. After launching a campaign to eliminate public signs with poor English translations -- or "Chinglish" -- China's leaders are now taking aim at firms that attempt to register names that are excessively long or strange. The Legal Daily cited names of existing firms that would not be allowed under the new rules, including "Shanghai Wife Biggest Electronic Commerce" and "Hangzhou No Trouble Looking for Trouble Internet Technology." The state newspaper also gave the example of a condom company called "There is a Group of Young People with Dreams, Who Believe They Can Create Wonders of Life Under Uncle Niu's Leadership Internet Technology." The State Administration for Industry and Commerce brought the restrictions in this month, while also banning company names deemed offensive or racist or having religious or political connotations.

Wisconsin Company Unveils New Lighting Technology

U.S. News

WLUK-TV reports that Energybank officials say that while the new technology looks like a typical light fixture, it doesn't convert the power so lights last longer and are more cost-effective. The Manitowoc-based company has been working on the technology for years.