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Alaska Wildlife Troopers Seize Illegally Caught Salmon

U.S. News

Troopers cited operators of four vessels for commercial fishing violations. Three vessel operators from Homer were issued citations for illegally driving fish and other counts. An Anchor Point vessel operator was cited for failure to obtain a fish transporter permit, failure to complete fish tickets and unlawful possession of commercial fish.

Operators in SQL


The NOT operator displays a record if the condition(s) is NOT TRUE. The OR operator displays a record if any one of the condition(s) separated by OR is TRUE.

Use of Ternary operator for conditional assignment.


Ternary operators are a shortcut for an if-else statement and also known as conditional operators. Here are a few examples which you can use to make your code compact and concise. The below statement is doing the same what it is meant to i.e. %u201Cassign 10 to x if y is 9, otherwise assign 20 to x%u201C. We can though extend the chaining of operators if required. Likewise, we can do the same for class objects.

Italian Highway Operator Slams Moves to Revoke Concession

U.S. News

The Atlantia holding company that controls Italy's main highway operator says that government pledges to revoke the concession were made without citing specific failures and before cause of deadly bridge collapse has been determined.

Learning transport operators for image manifolds

Neural Information Processing Systems

We describe a method for learning a group of continuous transformation operators to traverse smooth nonlinear manifolds. The method is applied to model how natural images change over time and scale. The group of continuous transform operators is represented by a basis that is adapted to the statistics of the data so that the infinitesimal generator for a measurement orbit can be produced by a linear combination of a few basis elements. We illustrate how the method can be used to efficiently code time-varying images by describing changes across time and scale in terms of the learned operators. Papers published at the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference.