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Many enterprises see the value in applying AI and machine learning to their business challenges, but not all have the necessary resources to do it. Where should your organization begin if you don't already have a team of data scientists, or if your team is fully committed to other tasks? Businesses need a quick and easy way to bring AI to their organizations. From the beginning, our goal has been to make AI accessible to as many businesses as possible. For example, last year we introduced Cloud AutoML to help businesses with limited ML expertise start building their own high-quality custom models.

Google's Recommendations AI now in public beta


Google on Wednesday announced the public beta of Recommendations AI, a fully-managed service that enables retailers to use AI to give customers personalized product recommendations. Personalization is one way the retail industry has adapted to the data age and evolving customer expectations. What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence Recommendations AI is based on technology that Google says it uses to deliver recommendations on its own products, including YouTube and Google Search. The cloud company says retailers can use the tool to replace or complement existing recommendation models. To get started, an organization imports catalog and user events data.

Building Recommendation Engine Has Become Super Easy


Although the revealing of Google's Recommendation AI has already been done during the company's Cloud Next event in 2019, Google is now launching its beta version for its customers. A fully managed service -- Google's Recommendation AI -- targeting retail businesses, has been designed to help in delivering personalised recommendation of products to customers at scale. According to the blog post written by the product manager, Pallav Mehta, the move has been taken in sync with the ongoing shift of retail companies towards data-driven strategies and the increasing customer demand. To keep up their relevance in this competitive scenario, the retail companies now require to provide an ultimate personalised experience to customers. And one such way of enhancing the experience is by recommending them products matching their interest, preferences and need.

How tech is driving industry transformation


Google Cloud VP of Retail Carrie Tharp has a long background of embracing disruption. Having joined the Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant in July, she might be a relative newcomer, but she is no stranger to developing and supporting technology for the changing retail landscape. Tharp spent the past three years at Neiman Marcus Group creating the luxury retailer's digital-first strategy, including shifting to a cloud-centric software stack for marketing and ecommerce and leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive programs like digital styling, personalized promos and algorithmic buying. Before that, she was immersed in similar tasks at Fossil and Travelocity. One theme that weaves throughout her career: Tharp embraces the challenge of shepherding retail brands through disruption and helping them evolve the way they interact with customers.

How Google Cloud for Retail will help digitally transform shopping


Digital transformation efforts in retail have gained traction in the past couple years, between adding augmented reality (AR) tech in makeup stores, automated pickup stations, mobile device data to improve customer experience, and more. The majority of executives (72%) believe artificial intelligence (AI) is a "competitive necessity" in retail today, according to a recent Oxford Economics report. Google is adding to the movement with its Cloud for Retail initiative, the tech giant announced at the Google Cloud Next conference on Wednesday. Using data analytics and AI, Google is adding seven new retail solutions to the ecosystem. All solutions are centered around six core pillars, according to a Google blog post.