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Vivaldi launches customisable browser for demanding web users


Vivaldi has a Speed Dial tab for rapid access to websites. Vivaldi, a new browser designed for'demanding' web users who like to keep multiple tabs open simultaneously, has officially launched following more than a year of public development. Developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Opera Software co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the new browser doesn't aim for simplicity in pursuit of mass-market acceptance; instead, it's designed to appeal to hardcore web users. "We're introducing features and customizations that browsers today don't have. We're making it for you," said von Tetzchner in a blog post on the launch of Vivaldi 1.0.

Vivaldi 2.4 enhances the browser's tab wizardry


Vivaldi's latest iteration of its eponymous web browser has added even more drag-and-drop flexibility, allowing you to rearrange tabs and icons (mostly) to your heart's content. The Chromium-based Vivaldi officially released version 2.4 of the browser on Wednesday, emphasizing the way in which users can adjust the visual and navigation elements. Vivaldi issued its first major release in 2016, when we praised it for its configurability. Since then, Vivaldi has gained a reputation for being friendly to power users that like to tweak things, though its market share remains tiny: just 0.11 percent, according to NetMarketShare. By comparison, Firefox has 9.72 percent as of February 2019, while Opera has 1.57 percent.

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Power Play: Vivaldi Vivaldi is to power users what 500-pound squats are to power lifters. Only a few months old, the Vivaldi browser was created by a team that had previously worked on Opera (which we'll talk about next). Its hallmark is customizability; when you first open Vivaldi, you're met with a choice of six different layout options, followed by four tab bar positions, then eight background pictures for your Start page. And that's all before you start actually, you know, browsing.

Vivaldi browser bakes in Philips Hue smart bulb integration to blend the web with the real world


The latest version of the intriguing Vivaldi browser just rolled out with an interesting addition meant to meld the Internet with your physical space. In a first for web browsers, Vivaldi 1.5 includes native Philips Hue smart lighting integration. Chrome and Firefox can also integrate with Philips Hue, but only through add-ons or extensions, not native integration. It's unlikely most mainstream browsers would add this feature, either. Chrome and Firefox are focused on simplified, customizable browsers for mass appeal, for example, while Vivaldi wants to win over power users.

Vivaldi browser 4.0 adds a mail client, calendar and RSS reader


Chromium-based Vivaldi 4.0 is out and it features Vivaldi's new email client, an RSS feed and calendar, which has been in the works for years. The browser is one of the most important places for work and Vivaldi could now be a lot more useful for those who rely on email to get things done. It's hard to fault Google's record on security and patching but privacy is another matter for the online ad giant. Vivaldi 4.0, released this week, brings an email client to the browser. It's in beta now but can tested and brings support for multiple IMAP or POP email accounts. Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner first aired plans for a Vivaldi email client in 2016.