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This article could have been written about my school, Colby. It is impossible to reconcile divisions among students within an institution--and across the country--when many of them feel afraid to speak up. Yet the piece casts the activist community in a negative light, and will inevitably become fodder for conservatives who claim that political correctness kills debate. Speaking as someone who could be considered a textbook example of a white, privileged kid, I have learned a lot from students who have campaigned for trigger warnings and brought up cultural appropriation and the "decolonization of academia." It's true that at liberal-arts colleges it often feels as if every debate comes with a disclaimer.

Colby Says $750M Campaign Is Biggest by Liberal Arts College

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Officials say more than 10,000 donors have contributed, and the college has received 32 contributions of $1 million or more. Major gifts so far include a gift of more than $100 million to establish the Lunder Institute for American Art, which was launched this fall.

Should every B.A. include some AI?


Colby College is a private liberal arts school located in southern Maine. You can take classes in art history, chemistry, music, all the staples, and now the school is adding artificial intelligence to the list. Colby is among the first liberal arts colleges to create an artificial intelligence institute to teach students about AI and machine learning through the lenses of subjects like history, gender studies and biology. The college received a $30 million gift from a former student to set up its new institute. This, of course, comes as the world is grappling with ethics and AI and how to build a moral foundation into algorithms.

John Burton says he's the the leader of California's 'Liberal Party' - and proud of it

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The chairman of the California Democratic Party wasn't shy about calling it the "Liberal Party" in an email urging members to run to become delegates. For years Republicans have used the term "liberal" as a pejorative. Many Democratic politicians prefer to be called "progressive." The message sent by Burton, the former president pro tempore of the state Senate, also laid out "what California Democrats stand for" -- a list of policy positions that largely mirrors the party's official political platform. A belief that "healthcare is a human right" and support for a single-payer health care system Support for debt-free college and free community college A belief that "healthcare is a human right" and support for a single-payer health care system