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The Complete Machine Learning Course for Everybody


Do your skills need an upgrade? Have you heard about machine learning but don't know where to start? Do you want to build your own machine learning projects? Our latest course will help you level up just in time for 2020! Finally, a masterclass that makes machine learning so straightforward that everyone can understand it.

How To Install and Use TensorFlow on Ubuntu 16.04 DigitalOcean


TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning software built by Google to train neural networks. TensorFlow's neural networks are expressed in the form of stateful dataflow graphs. Each node in the graph represents the operations performed by neural networks on multi-dimensional arrays. These multi-dimensional arrays are commonly known as "tensors", hence the name TensorFlow.

TensorFlow for Machine Learning and Neural Network Solutions


TensorFlow is quickly becoming the technology of choice for machine learning, because of its ease to develop intelligent machine learning applications and powerful neural networks. If you're a data professional who is familiar with Python and wants to use TensorFlow for performing machine learning activities on a day-to-day basis, then go for this learning path. It's a perfect blend of concepts and practical examples which makes it easy to understand and implement. It follows a logical flow where you will be able to develop efficient and intelligent applications based on your understanding of the different machine learning concepts with every section. This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

Machine Learning with TensorFlow


Being able to make near-real-time decisions becomes increasingly crucial. To succeed, we need machine learning systems that can turn massive amounts of data into valuable insights. But when you're just starting out in the data science field, how do you get started creating machine learning applications? The answer is TensorFlow, a new open source machine learning library from Google that they use in their own successful products like Search, Maps, YouTube, Translate, and Photos. The TensorFlow library can take your high level designs and turn them into the low level mathematical operations required by machine learning algorithms.

Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition


About the Technology TensorFlow, Google's library for large-scale machine learning, makes powerful ML techniques easily accessible. It simplifies often-complex computations by representing them as graphs that are mapped to machines in a cluster or to the processors of a single machine. Offering a complete ecosystem for all stages and types of machine learning, TensorFlow's end-to-end functionality empowers machine learning engineers of all skill levels to solve their problems with ML.