Watch HP's Elite X3 Windows Phone simulate a desktop


After spending plenty of time with HP's Elite X3 Windows Phone, it's hard not to be impressed by the company's ambition. The Elite X3 builds on Microsoft's Continuum feature, which gives phones pseudo-desktop interfaces on larger monitors, with Workspace, a virtual environment that lets you run full Windows apps. Together with a Desk Dock and Lap Dock, HP intends for the X3 to serve as both a laptop and desktop replacement. But while Workspace is a decent fix for Continuum's issues, I don't think it's enough to make the X3 a viable option for most workers.

HP's Elite X3 gets closer to the dream of a Windows Phone as a PC


Everything about HP's Elite X3 seems like a gamble. It's the company's first phone in two years, and it's the first major Windows Phone device since Microsoft's Lumia 950 debuted last year. HP is betting big that premium hardware and the ability to use the phone as both a pseudo-desktop and laptop will actually be a boon for enterprise customers. Naturally, too, HP is hoping to tempt businesses away from BlackBerry. But while it's nice to see the company swing for the fences (like with its gorgeous Spectre 13 ultraportable), it's not enough in this case to make the 699 Elite X3 a useful device.

iPhone 8 Rival Samsung Galaxy S8 Getting Microsoft Continuum-Like Feature: Report

International Business Times

As the 2017 launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 draws near, more leaks and rumors about the device have started surfacing. The newest rumor points to a desktop connectivity feature just like the Microsoft Continuum software -- the first time that an Android Nougat device will be wirelessly connected to a PC using official Samsung software. In the year following the Note 7 scandal, Samsung will be competing with its arch-rival Apple for market share, and the best bet for the company is to endow its flagship smartphone with features that set it apart from Apple's offerings. All About Windows Phone reported Monday citing a leaked Samsung slide that the South Korean conglomerate might try to replicate Microsoft Continuum-like workspace experience. For the uninitiated, Microsoft Continuum is the company's multi-platform software that lets consumers use their phone as their desktop.

Microsoft posts roadmap for coming Windows 10 business features


Microsoft quietly published a Windows 10 Business roadmap over the weekend (thanks to the Walking Cat for the heads up) that consolidates some of its planned Windows 10 features, a number of which company officials mentioned at its Build developers conference. Microsoft's Windows 10 Business roadmap doesn't specify which of these features will land in the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which is expected around July 2016. Instead, it lists a number of features "in public preview" -- which are the ones I'd expect to be in the Anniversary update -- plus some others that may or may not make it in time for this year's update. Windows 10 has been available to the public for six months this week. By the numbers, it's been a hit, with 200 million active users as of the first of the year.

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