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Top 10 Marketing Tips to Propel Your SEO in 2019


For many business owners, SEO is a vital long-term investment to grow their business. When executed properly, SEO can attract new customers through high placement on Google search results. So if your business can't be found using relevant search terms, your competitor is likely taking your place--and, ultimately, your business. But you can help give your business a competitive edge by staying on top of emerging SEO trends. Choose a topic that your customers care about and write an in-depth analysis on the topic drawn from your research and expertise.

7 SEO Fundamentals You Can Learn or Teach in an Hour


When you look at SEO as a newcomer, it can be an intimidating strategy. If you aren't familiar with the mechanics of search engine algorithms, they can seem almost magical in complexity, and understanding the thousands of variables that could potentially affect your search rankings might seem like too much for one person to ever learn. That's why it's important to take a step back and look at the fundamentals--the core building blocks of SEO. While they are somewhat complex and can take years to master, it's possible to learn the basics relatively quickly--in fact the seven fundamentals below can all be learned, basically, in an hour. This is also important to know if you're an SEO expert, as these are fundamental skills and bits of knowledge that can be taught to others in the span of an hour, giving you a valuable option for delegation when your workload grows too large.

SEO in 2017: What's New? These 5 Super-Effective SEO Tips


"A week is a long time in politics" said British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. He might just as well be speaking about search engine optimization (SEO). Twenty years ago, I was (a kind of) expert at SEO. Of course, back then it was far easier to get a website ranked on Yahoo or Excite or Alta Vista. I once exploited one of them to get any page to rank on the top of Yahoo – in just 24 hours! Of course, even back then, the geniuses behind these search engines were very quick to plug those loopholes. They kept constantly improving their ranking algorithms. And when Google entered the picture, this process speeded up. Soon, it became really tough to find and deploy effective'tricks' to get thin, content-poor websites ranked high on search results. The only way past these filters was to give the search engines what they wanted – value for their users. For a few more years, one could game the system and sneak in a few sites past the spam cops… but it took powerful tools, complex planning and great determination.

Everything you need to know about link building


Everyone has clicked and used links online, but there's more to links than it meets the eye. If you own a company or website, you should know that building proper links can make all the difference in how your site functions and how much traffic you receive. Read on to learn everything you need to know about building links, from how to structure the HTML of a link to how to obtain valuable backlinks for your business. A link is simply an actionable line of text or image that can direct users to a specific website or element on a page. Internal links point to locations within the same domain name on which they are posted.

Boost your site's search ranking by taking a $10 SEO course online


If you're looking for a way to make your personal or professional website more visible and grow your audience, you need to know some search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is the not-so-secret formula for making Google prioritize your site above others. Apart from being flat-out effective, SEO is one of the most in-demand marketing skills around today. So learning SEO? It's a pretty great use of your time, especially if anything you do for work happens on line. Taking an online class like the Complete SEO and Backlink Master Course can teach you how to boost your site's ranking, even if you've never heard the term "SEO" before now.