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All the best drones equipped with cameras


Are you looking to get into drone photography? Drone photography is now the ultimate flex for hobbyists and professionals alike. Aerial shots were a headache when drones first flew onto the scene, with users needing to combine photography prowess with the thumb dexterity of video gamers. Now, manufacturers have released camera drones that everyone can master. There are many factors to consider when shopping ffor a drone, but image quality should be high on your list of priorities.

Take to the skies with the best drones for everyone


Drones and quadcopters have become increasingly accessible in the last few years. As the cost of designing and manufacturing a good quality drone has gone down, more people have been able to get into drone flying as a hobby -- or to up their photography game. There are different types of drone-based fun --from aerial photography to FPV racing -- plus regulations you need to know about. Here are the basics to get you started before spending any cash. One of the most popular gadgets of recent years -- not to mention an occasional headline grabber thanks to their role in military and security tech -- drones are remote-controlled aerial vehicles.

Take to the skies with the best drones for beginners


Whatever activity you try your hand at, you always start off as a beginner. Hey, even the likes of Lionel Messi or Serena Williams were beginners once upon a time. Maybe you'll reach the heights of an elite droning competition one day. For now though, it's all about learning the ropes -- or rotor blades, to be specific. To help you get started, we've looked for the best and most capable drones available.

Stunning drone pictures show spectacular scenery as it's never been seen before

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From birds taking flight to sweeping waterfalls - these amazing drone images showcase spectacular scenery from perspectives that have never been seen before. The beguiling images appeared on photo-sharing site Dronestagram which is dedicated to drone photography.