Spotify enables you to think less during your commute with new 'Your Daily Drive' playlist

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Start your celebratory dance moves because Spotify has enabled a feature that will let you block artists you don't particularly like. Spotify wants to cut down on the number of playlist decisions you have to make during your morning commute. Called "Your Daily Drive," the music streaming company has developed a curated mixture of songs, world news updates and podcasts based on its knowledge of your listening habits. While this feature isn't revolutionizing the music streaming industry, it's the first time that Spotify is bringing music and podcasts together in one playlist. The entertainment will include songs you listen to often, classic hits and music you've yet to discover along with talk shows and timely news updates from organizations like the Wall Street Journal and NPR.

Looking for new podcasts? Spotify is testing out a new feature that can help

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Spotify reached 83 million subscribers. If you have trouble discovering new podcasts, Spotify is testing out an app update that can help. "We're always testing new products and features to create better listening experiences for our users," Spotify said in a statement to USA TODAY. "This test aims to make it easier for users to discover new podcasts while giving creators another mechanism to connect with new fans." The streaming app doesn't have a streamlined way for users to discover podcasts they may enjoy, and people typically find out about specific podcasts from word of mouth, cross-marketing between shows and watching television.

'Let’s clear this one up right away': Apple throws jabs at Spotify's complaint in Europe


Spotify reached 83 million subscribers. The battle of the music streaming titans is officially on. On Wednesday, Spotify complained to the European Commission antitrust regulators that Apple isn't playing fair and is harming consumers. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek argued that App Store policies give Apple Music an "unfair advantage at every turn." On Thursday, Apple fired back against the streaming service by saying that Spotify wants "all the benefits of a free app without being free."

Spotify tests voice assistant sparking rumours of a smart speaker

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Spotify may be about to take on the smart speaker market. The music streaming site is testing an in-app assistant, dubbed'Spotify Voice', that allows users to control their music with their voice. The trial has sparked rumours that the firm is about to release a smart speaker to take on the likes of Apple's HomePod and Amazon's Echo. If the rumours are true, it would allow Spotify to put a microphone and potentially camera in every user's home. Spotify may be about to take on the smart speaker market.

Spotify Job Listings Suggest Its Building Smart Speaker

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Music streaming service Spotify may already be working on its own smart speaker. A trio of job listings posted by Spotify suggest that the company is set to start manufacturing its new upcoming hardware product.