Logitech Finally Made a Useful, Sexy Phone Dash-Mount


Available today, LogiTech's "ZeroTouch" system uses a mount that weighs just one ounce and is the size of half a golf ball--if a golf ball could make duckface. Those "lips" clip onto the car's air vents, and a thin magnet you stick on the back of your phone holds it onto the back of the mount. The vent mount costs 60 and works in concert with an app that makes ZeroTouch more than just another way to put your phone where you can see it.

Logitech ZeroTouch review: This Android smartphone holder puts Amazon's Alexa in your car


Logitech's ZeroTouch smartphone holder has been on the market for almost a year, but I've ignored it because my beat doesn't include mobile devices. That changed about a month ago when Logitech integrated Amazon's Alexa Voice Service into its ZeroTouch app. Now I can use voice commands to control my smart home while I'm in the car and my smartphone is connected to the ZeroTouch. I've encountered a few bumps in the road during my month-long review (pun intended), but I've concluded that the air-vent version of this holder fully justifies its lofty $60 price tag (simpler phone holders cost about 10 bucks.) The dashboard version has all the same features, but I'm not as enamored with it because it must be glued to your dashboard and it costs $80.

Logitech turns your car into a Amazon Alexa controller


Amazon's Alexa platform is no longer confined to the home: Ford, Hyundai and Volkswagen have all revealed plans to integrate the voice assistant into their vehicles. For the rest of us, Logitech's aftermarket ZeroTouch mounts and companion app bring the same dash-based Alexa experience, but to the car you already own. The Logitech Zero Touch app-and-dock system already offers a hands-free solution to most smartphone tasks while driving. But starting today, it comes with added support for Alexa. This means that in addition to controlling music, sending texts and setting destinations on the move, the voice-controlled application will listen for Alexa commands (once the feature has been activated, that is).

Google rolls out Android zero-touch enrollment for the enterprise


Google on Thursday is adding a new way for businesses to deploy Android devices, enabling them to have the devices configured before they're shipped to employees. "Zero-touch enrollment" eliminates the need for useres to configure devices manually and ensures corporate policies are in place. "Support is also much easier, with no extra steps for end-users; they just sign in and get access to their work apps and data," product manager James Nugent wrote in a blog post. Google is working with several OEMs currently to bring zero-touch to their devices, including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG Electronics, HTC, Motorola, Honeywell and Zebra. The first devices that will support the new deployment option include the Huawei Mate 10, Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact.

Hands on with Logi's ZeroTouch smart car mount for your phone


If you text and drive, you are a garbage person. That should be obvious and yet despite nearly universal acknowledgement of the dangers of texting and driving 26% of drivers still do it. Logi (the consumer-facing brand for Logitech) thinks the answer is not keeping smartphone out of cars, but finding a low-cost way to keep hands off of phones. Its new idea is called ZeroTouch, which the company unveiled on Wednesday. It delivers the "connected car for the other 90% of the world that doesn't want to buy a new car," Bracken P. Darrell, Logitech President and CEO told Mashable.