There's no going back now: Two months with iPhone 7 Plus


Even before Apple announced the iPhone 7 Plus, I made the decision to go big with this year's model. Once I decided to order the iPhone 7 Plus, there was little that could stop me, despite my reservations. Once Apple confirmed nearly every rumor we'd covered and read leading up to the iPhone 7 announcement, including two cameras on the back of the 7 Plus model and increased battery life, there was no turning back. On launch day, my iPhone 7 Plus arrived, and I spent a weekend adjusting and tweaking how I held the phone and where I placed it while driving my car. Fast-forward two months, and it's (mostly) as if I've always used the larger iPhone.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 goes wide with a third camera lens


Following Huawei's lead with the Mate 20 Pro, Samsung has introduced a third piece of glass for its new Galaxy S10. The additional wide angle lens should make short work of landscapes and large group shots. The third "ultra-wide" lens has a 123-degree field of view and its sensor supports 16-megapixels. It's the only camera on the phone that has the dual-pixels and dual aperture options. Meanwhile, the 77-degree and 45-degree cameras use 12-megapixel sensors and have optical image stabilization.

A bunch of new food emojis are coming to your iPhone

Boston Herald

Old, young, and everyone in between will be stoked to hear that Apple has confirmed a slew of new emojis being made available to everyone later this year – and your foodie Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot better. It might come as a shock to you, but the social media landscape has been living without a sandwich emoji up until the Unicode Consortium decided to include this much-needed emoticon in their 10.0 update. The much-anticipated depiction of everyone's favorite lunch includes two slices of white bread, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, golden-yellow American cheese, and what appears to be ham – not Spam, surely. The other food items that will revolutionize your daily texts include a juicy cut of steak, a salted pretzel, a freshly baked pie, a tropical coconut, and a lush broccoli head. You can even express your love for carbonated caffeine with the new soda-cup emoji.

What Google needs to beat the iPhone


What would Google need to go head-to-head against Apple and the iPhone? A report suggests that Google could be preparing to unveil a new smartphone to compete with Apple's iPhone. On the face of it, that seems like a colossal task, given that the iPhone pulls in 80 percent of the smartphone profits with only 20 percent of the sales. There's no doubt that Google is a company that potentially has the power and influence - not to mention the cash - to enter a battle with Apple and the iPhone, but it will not be able to afford to repeat the mistakes made by a long line of Android OEMs over the years. Here are just some of the problems that Google would need to address in order to have a hope of beating the iPhone.

The millennial who prefers a Victorian steam engine to an iPhone

BBC News

He maintains, cleans, stokes and runs the 150-year-old steam engine himself, and says it's like an addiction.