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New York rapper shot, wounded sitting in car at intersection

U.S. News

FILE - In this Dec. 19, 2014, file photo, Troy Ave performs at "Christmas in Brooklyn" at the Barclays Center in New York's Brooklyn borough. Authorities said Sunday, Dec. 25, 2016, that rapper Troy Ave has been shot while sitting in his car at a Brooklyn intersection.

The Future Of Roads Could Mean Cars Not Having To Stop At Intersections


Researchers at MIT and ETHZ have developed a working mathematical model for slot-based intersections. If successful, traffic efficiency would double and pollution would be greatly reduced.

2 Killed When Train Crashed Into Van Were Father, Teen Son

U.S. News

The engineer of the BNSF train blew the horn but was unable to stop before hitting the vehicle at an intersection along U.S. Highway 85 in Littleton on Tuesday afternoon. The intersection did not have any train crossing arms.

L.A. can pay for the Olympics -- but not to improve a dangerous Hollywood intersection?

Los Angeles Times

To the editor: I don't get it. How can the Los Angeles City Council continue to approve "financial packages" for hotel and residential developers, contemplate wooing Amazon to build its second headquarters here and pay for the 2028 Olympics when residents can't be guaranteed basic services such as a safe intersection? Now they can't get the city to take action," Sept. 13) Why do people need to be killed or injured before the city installs a speed bump or, in the case of the Bronson Canyon residents who raised money to rework a dangerous intersection, a traffic circle? Even when a community decides to protect its own, as a Hollywood Hills neighborhood tried to do, and raised the money to install a traffic circle, the city in effect blocked it at every turn. Somehow there is always money and time for developers, big corporations and the International Olympic Committee.

Legal Delivery at The Speed of Business -- And Why It Matters

Forbes - Tech

"Time is Money" wrote Benjamin Franklin in a 1748 essay titled Advice to a Young Tradesman. Franklin was a polymath--scientist, statesman, publisher, inventor and diplomat. Is it coincidence that he was almost everything except an attorney? Lawyers have a different take on time than other industries. The legal profession uses it as a price gauge--more is better.