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Understanding Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning: From Cats to Stars


Artificial Intelligence – deep learning is a subset of machine learning. The man who coined the phrase'machine leaning', IBM developer Arthur Samuel, once described it as a "field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." At the time he was teaching IBM's systems to play checkers… Where machine learning algorithms work well on datasets that have up to a few hundred columns, unstructured datasets like images or videos have so many features that traditional methods of training them are unfeasible. As Datarobot explains: "Deep learning algorithms learn progressively more about the image as it goes through each neural network layer. Early layers learn how to detect low-level features like edges, and subsequent layers combine features from earlier layers into a more holistic representation. For example, a middle layer might identify edges to detect parts of an object in the photo such as a leg or a branch, while a deep layer will detect the full object such as a dog or a tree."

Machine Learning Engineer - The Machine Learning Conference


Overjet is an early-stage VC-backed startup building the future of data-driven dentistry. We are using AI to transform the $130B dental care market and improve patient outcomes. We are seeking an entrepreneurially-minded a highly skilled developer who is comfortable with backend software development including deploying machine learning models, loves challenges and is passionate about impacting lives. Please email your resume to Develop machine learning pipelines Deploy machine learning models for inference Implement and maintain metrics for tracking ML models performance Design and develop microservices and APIs related to data ingestion, machine learning and product quality Ensuring responsiveness of applications.

600 companies investing in deep learning


Another 177 companies (level 2) are developing projects using deep learning with dedicated resources in staff. And more than 350 companies (level 1) are experimenting with deep learning in their labs. Given how early deep learning is as a technology, the majority of companies investing in deep learning are IT and software businesses. However, we discovered interesting champions in other industries that are adopting deep learning as well. Given that deep learning has early roots in image processing, it is exciting to see health care companies like Siemens Healthcare and GE Healthcare leading the pack, along with research institutions like the NIH and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Machine Learning Engineer


Interested in helping the millions of Americans with chronic conditions get better care? OM1 is a leading real-world outcomes and technology company leveraging big clinical data and AI to better understand, compare, and predict patient outcomes. Our products are built to accelerate research, measure and benchmark health outcomes and to personalize patient care. Were looking for Machine Learning Engineers to help design, build, test, deploy, and monitor our platform that seeks to understand clinical text at large scale, as a means to measuring and predicting patient outcomes. Our product-focused team embraces creative, rigorous, innovative approaches and experimentation, while emphasizing high quality code, user-friendliness (data is a first-class product here), and rapid iteration.