Taking anxiety out of active learning


As STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education becomes more centered on active learning practices, what happens to students' anxiety levels? Specifically, what aspects of evaluative active learning practices cause student anxiety to increase or decrease? After measuring students' baseline anxiety levels, Cooper et al. conducted semi-structured interviews to explore how students' anxiety levels were altered in an active learning classroom. Results show that the way that the active learning activity is implemented and the extent to which students perceive the activity to be beneficial influence its effect on their anxiety. The authors encourage instructors to consider student anxiety when implementing active learning.

He Who Owns Technology, Owns The World


Our credit scoring system reviews data that is in its database constantly. And the more processing that it does, the quicker and more accurate it returns customer's creditworthiness. Future self-learning neural networks will provide people with services before they apply for a loan. For instance, on a social media network a man posts that his wife is pregnant. If the man is a MicroMoney user who is also known as a client of high creditworthiness standing, algorithms will search his history and submit an offer for a special mortgage or car loan offers.

Berlin Students in AI, Machine Learning & NLP


Meet other students from Berlin and Brandenburg universities interested in Artificial Intelligence and related fields like Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Computational Linguistics, etc. We will have a short impulse talk about a current AI-related topic (15 minutes) and discussion (15-20 minutes) by somebody from either industry, science, or also from the student community. During the open-ended get-together we mingle and students will have the opportunity to meet potential employers, co-founders, project partners, or find inspiration for their own project ideas. Our meetup takes place at gtec.berlin (German Tech Entrepreneurship Center), 4th floor of the Admin Building of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).

How Big Data and Education Can Work Together to Help Students Thrive


Our world is becoming very technology reliant on phones, cars, appliances, etc. They are all controlled by technology, and these are just for basic living. Now a student will prefer to no longer write his essay on a piece of paper but rather have it e-mailed to the college professor. In the past, there were statutory learning plans that applied to every student irrespective of their academic performance or specialities however with the advent of big data technology, the curriculum is being customized is such a way as to fit perfectly to each student's peculiarities creating a blend between the traditional learning process and online learning.

A Vision for Education -- and Its Immersive, A.I. driven future


Today's educational system is static, generalized and puts less focus on individual self-development than it perhaps should. To make matters worse, students often don't understand why they are learning the things that they're learning, which makes certain classes feel arbitrary and purposeless in the face of their personal ambitions (and has a number of neurological implications we'll soon discuss). With that being said, what could be done to fix these issues and take education to a new level? What could make education more exciting, fun and practical? I believe it comes down to three simple ideas (that aren't new by any means) which can finally be fully explored with smart use of technology.