Tesla employees say they took shortcuts to meet aggressive Model 3 production goals

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Tesla has reigned over the electric car market for over a decade, but these new autos are hoping to give Tesla a run for their money. Current and former Tesla employees working in the company's open-air "tent" factory say they were pressured to take shortcuts to hit aggressive Model 3 production goals, including making fast fixes to plastic housings with electrical tape, working through harsh conditions and skipping previously required vehicle tests. For instance, four people who worked on the assembly line say they were told by supervisors to use electrical tape to patch cracks on plastic brackets and housings, and provided photographs showing where tape was applied. They and four additional people familiar with conditions there describe working through high heat, cold temperatures at night and smoky air during last year's wildfires in Northern California. Tesla can't appeal to women: Electric cars, Elon Musk may be off-putting Why I bought a Tesla: One woman's experience buying Elon Musk's sleek EV Their disclosures highlight the difficult balance Tesla must strike as it ramps up production while trying to stem costs. Tesla recently told shareholders that in the three months ending June 30, 2019, it made 87,048 vehicles, including 72,531 Model 3s, the company's lowest-priced sedan.

Chief: Boy Thrown From Mall of America Balcony Being Treated

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Court records show that Aranda has a history of convictions for misdemeanor offense. He was charged in two previous incidents at the mall in 2015. Potts said some of those cases were handled through mental health court, but he didn't elaborate. At one point, Aranda had a trespass notice banning him from the mall, but it was no longer in effect, Potts said.

Guys on the rise: Assistants who could be head coaches soon

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LSU's Les Miles hired Aranda away from Wisconsin, where the 39-year-old oversaw a defense that ranked among the top five nationally in four major categories over the last three years. Aranda's biggest selling point is his ability to relate to his players. He has a knack for making hard-to-digest concepts easy to understand, and then he turns his charges loose to make plays.

Wyoming Judge Tosses Case Against Man in Killing

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Circuit Judge Denise Nau (NOW) on Tuesday threw out a single charge of accessory after the fact against 21-year-old Austin Aranda of Cheyenne. Prosecutors accused Aranda of driving the murder suspect out of Cheyenne after the killing.

New Baylor coach Aranda sensed something special with Bears

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Check out what's clicking on Foxnews.com Dave Aranda sensed something special about Baylor even before the Bears were looking for a new head coach. "I could see the togetherness of the team, I could see the toughness of the team," said Aranda, who as national champion LSU's defensive coordinator saw Baylor on film when the Tigers were preparing last month to play Big 12 champion Oklahoma in a national semifinal game. Baylor is now his team. "When this job came open, I said this is in my heart, this is me," said Aranda, who was formally introduced as coach of the Bears on Monday, four days after being hired as a first-time head coach and a week after LSU finished its 15-0 season.