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We Hype Artificial Intelligence But How Good Are Non-AI Solutions?


There is a lot of hype for the accomplishments of Artificial Intelligence. Nextbigfuture keeps you up to date about the achievements made in AI.

Council Post: Does Your Project Need Artificial Intelligence?


I am the founder and CEO of Apriorit, a software development company that provides engineering services globally to tech companies. Upgrading your product using top-notch technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is often considered the key to gaining a competitive advantage. Even during the pandemic in 2020, 47% of organizations left their investments in AI unchanged and 30% decided to increase their AI funding, according to Gartner. AI can enhance processes across various industries. For instance, when applied in healthcare, AI can analyze thousands of MRIs and X-rays in minutes, helping therapists quickly identify abnormalities. In industrial production, AI solutions can improve quality control by processing a wide range of data from production lines, maintenance records and customer complaints.

Conversational AI development and training for non-AI personnel - NDS Cognitive Labs


Strategic use of humans combined with virtual assistants saves money and time and satisfies customers. Getting simple answers (like business hours), navigating websites (log-in problems, etc.), and checking addresses, shouldn't be handled by live agents who are able to empathize and provide more sophisticated solutions.

Enterprise AI Adoption Gathers Steam – Incrementally, Selectively


Artificial intelligence continues to gather steam in the enterprise. But it hasn't reached majority status among enterprises. Several roadblocks to more widespread AI adoption remain -- some linked to talent and data and some to perception– says a recent report from Cognilytica, a research firm. By 2025, according to "Global AI Adoption Trends & Forecast 2020," 40% will have deployed AI in some form, compared with 12% in 2020. These numbers indicate that AI in production is still tentative, and enterprises are incrementally making their way toward the technology only as they see immediate return.

Top 4 Non-AI Technologies Essential for AI Development in 2021


The emergence of artificial intelligence has completely transformed the workflow of several companies and factories. Society is reaping the benefits of smart functionalities of artificial intelligence through multiple different IoT devices. But it is interesting to know how non-AI technologies are helping in AI development efficiently and effectively. Developers are building AI with non-AI technologies to provide more time-efficient and cost-efficient artificial intelligence models. Let's explore the top four non-AI technologies that are essential for AI development in 2021.