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What Video, Artificial Intelligence And Automation Mean For The Future Of Recruiting


It is safe to say that technology is evolving and expanding at an exponential rate. This is what many are calling "digital Darwinism," a time where technology and society are changing faster than most businesses can naturally adapt. A 2018 report found that organizations that are highly invested in digital transformation are more profitable and possess higher market valuations than those that do not. As the founder and CEO of a platform for complete candidate skills and job fit assessment launched in 2003, I have witnessed the rapid evolution of the pre-hire process thanks to technology. It is no surprise that recruiters need to adapt quickly to the ever-evolving environment around them in order to succeed in today's tidal wave of digital progress.

What can an AI chatbot do for recruitment?


In 1950, Alan Turing predicted that by the year 2000, computers would be able to pass off as a human during a text conversation. Last year in 2017, Gartner predicted that by 2021, 50 percent of organizations would spend a significant budget on chatbot creation and bots than on the traditional mobile application development. Today's recruiting software has simplified some of the most time-consuming aspects of talent acquisition, and is increasingly incorporating analytics that can make predictions about candidate fit and quality. Chatbots are one of the latest additions to the HR toolbox. I spent close to 14 years in Talent Acquisition industry and worked with companies like Amazon, UnitedHealth Group, Oracle, IBM, etc.

How is AI Changing the World of Assessments?


Artificial Intelligence was existed only in the domain of science fiction and fantasy until last few years. However, it has become a part of our normal lives today, in social as well as the business environment. From military, automotive, agriculture, legal, healthcare to education, this technology has touched in almost every field and sector impacting human lives to a great extend. AI systems are capable enough to reduce human efforts in numerous areas. Its applications help to get the work done faster and with accurate results.

A Guide - The Role of AI in Recruitment (+ Top 5 AI Recruiting Tools)


Artificial intelligence is gaining more and more attention. Intelligent self-learning programs disrupt many industries, including eCommerce, manufacturing and production lines, transportation, agriculture, logistics and supply chain, and more. Moreover, such programs automate redundant processes and don't require a high level of creativity, increasing its overall effectiveness. "It is difficult to think of an industry that AI will not transform. This includes healthcare, education, transportation, retail, communications, and agriculture. There are surprisingly clear paths for AI to make a big difference in all of these industries."

Large Employers Are Changing The Interview Process. What To Know


Large employers adding new processes to conduct job interviews with candidates. If you are tech-challenged as some Baby Boomers are, you will likely struggle with these new advancements in the interviewing process. Interviewing and hiring have changed overnight. Employers are now ramping up and using more AI or artificial intelligence than ever before. The pandemic produced a significant challenge for employers. They could no longer conduct face-to-face job interviews and found an increase in applicants' volume applying for available jobs.