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UC Berkeley's new chancellor brings optimism -- and a world record -- to an embattled campus

Los Angeles Times

UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ just can't seem to resist. As she walked the campus this week, she gravitated toward students and waded right in. She quickly connected with a freshman who shared her New Jersey background. She greeted new arrivals on orientation tours. I'm so glad you're here," she called out as they gawked, clapped and smiled.

Goldman drops campus interviews

BBC News

Goldman Sachs is scrapping face-to-face interviews on university campuses in a bid to attract a wider range of talent. The US investment bank will switch to video interviews with first-round undergraduate candidates from next month. Each year the bank hires about 2,500 students as both summer and full-time analysts. Goldman hoped the move will allow it to find students who do not attend top-tier US universities. Edith Cooper, Goldman's global head of human capital management said: "We want to hire not just the economics or business undergraduate but there is that pure liberal arts or history major that could be the next Lloyd Blankfein."

What I learned from interviewing at multiple AI companies and start-ups


Over the past 8 months, I've been interviewing at various companies like Google's DeepMind, Wadhwani Institute of AI, Microsoft, Ola, Fractal Analytics, and a few others primarily for the roles -- Data Scientist, Software Engineer & Research Engineer. In the process, not only did I get an opportunity to interact with many great minds, but also had a peek at myself along with a sense of what people really look for when interviewing someone. I believe that if I'd had this knowledge before, I could have avoided many mistakes and have prepared in a much better manner, which is what the motivation behind this post is, to be able to help someone bag their dream place of work. This post arose from a discussion with one of my juniors on the lack of really fulfilling job opportunities offered through campus placements for people working in AI. Also, when I was preparing, I noticed people using a lot of resources but as per my experience over the past months, I realised that one can do away with a few minimal ones for most roles in AI, all of which I'm going to mention at the end of the post.

The Ohio State attacker gave this chilling interview just months ago


The young man identified by officials as responsible for Monday's attack at Ohio State, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, had spoken with school's student newspaper three months ago as he was adjusting to life on campus. SEE ALSO: Trump's America: What women, immigrants and people of color want you to know The interview, part of The Lantern's "Humans of Ohio State" section, was originally published in the Aug. 25, 2016 issue. In the piece, Artan talks about his Muslim faith, being new at Ohio State and how he felt Muslims were portrayed. Noting the interview took place on his first day on campus, Artan seemed overwhelmed, comparing the campus to his previous school, Columbus State (where he reportedly graduated Cum Laude in May 2016), by saying, "This place is huge and I don't even know where to pray." I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media.

Let's talk about tech internships - The GitHub Blog


Are you a student developer looking to land an internship? We recently sat down with Co.Lab Co-founder Helen Huang on GitHub Campus TV to find out how to secure an internship and successfully break into the tech industry. Helen shared her personal journey going from earth science student to product manager at Microsoft. Fun fact: Her favorite rock is gypsum! Applying can be daunting, especially if you're applying for your first internship.