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The three laws of smart PC backups


March 31 is officially World Backup Day. Anyway, even if it is a made up day it's an excellent reminder to refresh your backup strategy or finally adopt one. Backups are a critical part of anyone's digital life. The key is not to make it too complicated. Here are three laws--they're more like guidelines--to constructing a solid backup strategy.

Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery using RMAN


Learn how to master using RMAN to perform backup and recovery activities on Oracle databases. The course does not only cover the on-site single-instance databases, it also covers RAC, multitenant, and Oracle Database Cloud service as well. Not only the course will demonstrate the concepts for you, you will also gain practical experience on implementing the them. Content and Overview Information presented in this course provides Oracle Database Administrators the knowledge and experience to perform backup and recovery activities on Oracle databases. Through this extensive course, you'll learn all of the using RMAN to manage backup and recovery activities on Oracle databases.

BrandPost: Hybrid Backup: Don't put all your eggs in one basket


A common concern when using online backup is security and speed. Some online backup services can take a long time to restore. This is especially worrisome when you need access to that file right away. What's the best strategy for keeping your data safe but also easy to access? Here are some benefits from IDrive, a leading online backup provider, to consider when thinking about a hybrid backup solution.

The best free backup software 2018


Great backup software can be invaluable – and some of the best is available completely free. Unfortunately, many of us only realise how crucial it is when something goes wrong – whether it's a ransomware infection that locks you out of your files, a theft, or a hardware failure. But where do you start? You could create a manual backup by simply copying your important files to a spare hard drive, but it makes far more sense to turn to dedicated backup software to automate the process. A regular backup plan is especially important if you own a small business that handles other people's personal information.

Cobian Backup 11 (Gravity) review: Free, option-rich and effective file backup


Cobian Backup, with its old-guard look and interface, may not be much to look at. But like many things OG, it works as well as, and quite likely better than, the shiny new toys. I started off talking about Cobian's interface, and it is indeed a decade or two out of style with large, somewhat basic icons on the main window and tiny ones on the menus. But that's appearance, and Cobian is a sweetheart in use: neat, efficient, with all the functions and options (of which there are many) logically categorized and laid out. Cobian does plain file backup, not imaging, so it's not suitable for system recovery.